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283 Production

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283 Production
283Pro Logo.png
Office Images
Office Front

Office Inside

283 Production (283プロ Tsubasa Pro) is a fictional talent agency in THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors.



illumination STARS
SC-Hiori Thumb.png SC-Mano Thumb.png SC-Meguru Thumb.png
SC-Kiriko Thumb.png
SC-Mamimi Thumb.png
SC-Kogane Thumb.png
SC-Sakuya Thumb.png
SC-Yuika Thumb.png
SC-Tenka Thumb.png SC-Chiyuki Thumb.png SC-Amana Thumb.png
Houkago Climax Girls
SC-Chiyoko Thumb.png
SC-Rinze Thumb.png
SC-Kaho Thumb.png
SC-Natsuha Thumb.png
SC-Juri Thumb.png
SC fuyuko.png SC asahi.png SC mei.png
SC hinana.png SC toru.png SC madoka.png SC koito.png
SC nichika.png SC mikoto.png


In Game


  • 283 is pronounced "Tsubasa", a wordplay on the Japanese word for "wing". "Tsu" comes from "2" (Japanese pronunciation of Two), "Ba" comes from "8", and "Sa" comes from "3" (pronounced in full as "San").
  • Luca Ikaruga has a low opinion of them for unknown reasons.
  • According to Mikoto Aketa, 283 Production is very relaxed and less strict than most other agencies.