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Akane Nonohara
Akane ML Profile.png
Million Live! Character Data
Name: 野々原茜 (Nonohara Akane)
Voice actor: 小笠原早紀 (Ogasawara Saki)
Age: 16
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Birthday: December 3rd
Blood type: AB
Three sizes: 80-58-79 cm
Hobbies: Skipping
Skills: In-line skating
Likes: Pudding
Handedness: Left
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Hometown: Saitama
ML Card Type: Dance
TD Card Type: Mirishita Angel Logo.png
Image Color:     
Akane ML sig.png

Akane Nonohara (野々原茜 Nonohara Akane) is an idol available in THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! Theater Days and originally debuted in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER Million Live!. She is voiced by Saki Ogasawara (小笠原早紀 Ogasawara Saki).


THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! biography

You didn't call me, but heeere's Akane-chan! Hey, did I surprise you?

Online Character Profile


"Tada-h! You finally got me, Pro-chan! Please bond with the cutest idol, Akane-chan!"


The annoyingly cute idol among the MILLIONSTARS, Akane is the one that claims to be the "cutest girl on the planet" and the theater’s “secret weapon” when she actually isn't. Akane often acts as the mood maker in a lot of situations and seems to never read the atmosphere, claiming to be full of surprises. Due to being overly loud and energetic; she is sometimes considered to be “the annoying one” in the theater. The way she acts is a feeble attempt at making others happy. She considers everyone in 765 Pro to be irreplaceable and speaks very fondly of them - however she made the producer promise to keep what she said a secret because she considers caring for them to be embarrassing.

Akane possesses a profound love for trying to make people happy - it has been noted that, when it comes to interacting with fans after lives, Akane is always the most energetic despite being tired too. One of the running gags in the series is the appearance of mascot dolls, modelled in her image, that make numerous cameos in her cards and even come with limited editions. One time she ended up mass producing them and attempted to sell them off to 100 towns, each advertised to have their own original design inspired by their respective towns. This project ended up comically backfiring on her tremendously. She will sometimes make some for her fans and will often leave them in random places within the theater. She claims that the dolls only appear to those seeking happiness and will grant their wishes (perhaps as a way to do something with them). Sometimes she hand them out to the elderly as a way to try to make them smile.  

She often incorporates cats into her comic relief persona - wearing cat ears at times, throwing the random “nya” into her sentences here and there, and doing the typical cat paws pose for photo shoots. Akane is almost always seen making her cat inspired smile and tends to speak in third person, referring to herself as "Akane-chan." Akane’s cat motif mainly reflects her free-spirit, but can also be seen as annoying as well. She even uses internet slang in her speech sometimes and has broken the fourth wall on a number of occasions, which can be confusing to those who do not understand internet culture. Not only that, but Akane is also prone to nicknaming nearly everyone she meets and considers herself to be good friends with the producer - who she nicknamed "Pro-chan” upon their first meeting. At one point she even gave the producer a set of "good work" stickers to use to praise her when he deems it necessary.

A few hints have been dropped throughout the series in regards to the thought process Akane has but she explained once to an anxious Subaru that she wishes to be cheerful so then others can cheer her on as well. She also advised Subaru not to force herself to endure her nerves all alone because everyone else is nervous too, even Akane herself.

Game Appearance

THE iDOLM@STER Million Live!

When the producer first meets Akane it is quickly noted that, even just from her picture, you can tell she is a cheerful girl. However, the producer also takes note of her smug expression alongside that. Akane introduces herself immediately afterwards by shouting out: "Ta-dah! Here comes Akane-chan!" The producer is caught off guard by her confidence, especially after she comes up with the nickname "Pro-chan" for them because it sounds much more fun to her. Akane explains that she doesn't like to feel unnatural and so, by nicknaming people, she feels like they can become immediate friends. The producer, however, ponders on whether or not to teach her how to behave towards her seniors - if the producer decides to compliment her bold nature, Akane will also compliment the producer's reasonable attribute and assures that they'll become a big-shot in the future. It is also noted that Akane's proactive nature will serve her well in the harsh world of show business. However if the producer decides to tell her not to act like that around the other members of staff, Akane will assume that the producer wants to be the only one with a nickname from her and offers to pamper them lots. The producer internally questions if someone like her can become an idol but decides to support her regardless due to the obvious talent she possesses.

THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! Theater Days

The producer is in the middle of continuing the search for members to join the "39 Project" but complains aloud about the lack of results and wonders where a girl who has that "super idol in the making" feel could be. The producer hears someone call out, "hey, hey, hey, hey!" and feels a tap on their shoulder too which causes them to turn around and meet Akane, who claims to be an angel passing by to provide salvation. Akane swiftly moves on and explains she heard the producer's story and will make it come true. At first, the producer doesn't understand how she could make it come true which prompts Akane to ask, "You still don't get it even looking at this cute, adorable Akane-chan before you?" She then asks where their office is and inquires as to when she'll start since she's ready to begin any time; while the producer is completely caught off guard for a second, they hand her a business card regardless due to a hunch that she might just be able to make it big. When Akane hears that the scouting was for the "39 Project", she becomes rather surprised that she actually got herself "an SR business card" and bids farewell to the producer, promising to meet again at the auditions.

A few days pass and the producer notices that despite auditions being under way, Akane hasn't shown up yet - leading to the producer thinking that she may have really been a diamond in the rough. Akane pops up into the room right after this and explains that she was running a little late but assures the producer she is someone who "won't back down from my word!" Akane swiftly begins her introduction, labelling herself as someone who "performs better when complimented" and tells the producer: "I want to dance wearing inline skates, but that'll be later! For now, time to show you some Akane-chan dancing!!" It's noted that Akane delivers difficult steps as if they are nothing and claims "that's just around half of half real skill multiplied by 1.5, I guess?" The producer immediately passes her and Akane compliments the speedy decision as "nothing less from Akane-chan's chosen Pro-chan!" The producer is confused by the sudden nickname but brushes it off and looks forward to producing her as she is both interesting and eccentric.

Akane's first publicity photo shoot gets off to a comedic start as she assumes the producer personally wants a photo of her and cries out: "Cuteness is... such a sin!" Needless to say the producer explains what a publicity photo actually is to her and Akane jumps right to work in beginning "the first page of the Akane-chan Legend!" However, the shoot runs into some trouble not long after, as Akane seems to stray further and further away from the idol-like image that they were going for. Her poses are dramatic and she yells out a series of ridiculous descriptions of her upcoming poses too, such as, "Let's go! Teyah, the pose of malevolence or something!" and "Akane-chan... will not run away anymore! Ha! Metamorphose!!" The producer tells Akane to stop with her jokes and after a number of retakes, the style of photo they were aiming for was eventually obtained.

Akane comments on how tired the producer seems after she takes a look at her new publicity photos and questions if the reason why is because of her. The producer internally celebrates that she's "finally noticed" but that joy quickly plummets back to the ground when she says, "I knew it! Akane-chan's so cute, that it was just too much for Pro-chan!" The producer responds to her with silence and Akane tells the producer to make sure to get some well deserved rest today and gives her permission "to see the cute, very cute Akane-chan in your dreams!" The producer actually ends up offending her with their reply: "No... I'll have to say no to that. If you show up in my dreams, I don't think I'll be able to sleep."

On the day of Akane's first performance, the producer questions whether or not Akane would be nervous before something like this, but comes to the conclusion that she definitely wouldn't be. This answer is reaffirmed when the producer finds Akane backstage, commenting on how packed the theater is for her debut and calling out to the producer with a "Yahoo~!" Akane asks if the producer has been getting enough sleep as they appear to be rather nervous which prompts the producer to question whether Akane herself is nervous. Akane claims the only word in her dictionary is "cute"; when the producer comments that her dictionary sounds difficult to use, she agrees and explains "however, that is also happiness!" Due to her nonchalant demeanour, the producer decides to tell Akane that she better not make a mistake out there which throws her off guard and leads to her exclaiming that "Pro-chan's putting pressure on Akane-chan!" The final blow is landed when she is told that everyone is rooting for her but the producer questions if she feels even more fired up now. Akane cries that the theater girls' encouraging words were used as a sharp knife to pierce through her heart... but she resolves herself and says, "Okay! I'm going to show you and everyone Akane-chan's cutest side!" Before Akane heads out onto the stage she tells the producer that she wanted to compliment all of the efforts that they have put in for her and the producer laughs that their interaction played out just as usual but promises to watch her.

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Theater Days Events

Adaptations Appearance

THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! Manga

Akane makes a number of small cameos throughout the manga up until her official appearance in Chapter 16 after being named as one of the members that will be joining Shizuka's unit for the "Idol Festival". During the first group practise session for the members of the new unit - Crescendo Blue - Serika struggles to keep up with the other members in certain areas of the choreography. Shizuka and Shiho clash over their difference in approaches towards Serika's problem and Serika attempts to apologise to Shiho, which is where Akane decides to intercept by shouting for everyone's eyes on her. Akane ends up introducing herself as "the team's mood maker" who will burst onto the scene and then flashes a dynamic pose. When she realises that she doesn't know what to say after that, she begins to mutter that her current subject is going to be raising the entire team's stamina but Reika ends up sneezing so loud she practically drowns her out.

Reika apologises and asks Akane if she was talking about Shizuka's and Shiho's movements being small compared to her own which results in Akane asking for everyone to "hold the phone" as Reika "just broke full throttle into the Akane-chan zone!" Shizuka begins to internally analyse the unit and notes that only Akane can match Reika's dancing impact, she even recognises Akane's dancing talent as being especially crisp and points out the speed she can dance with too. Shizuka soon comes to the conclusion that Serika, Shiho and herself cannot match up with Akane and Reika. Shizuka attempts to ask for Reika to reduce the impact her moves possess in order to let the other three sync better with her which causes another disagreement with Shiho, who doesn't want to alter the dance and suggests to just practise instead. Akane tries to highlight the good points in Shizuka's idea to Shiho but there's a clear lack of unity within the unit that causes Shiho to question why a unit with these five specifically was ever formed.

The next day, Akane is heading to the theater early in the morning on her bike and comments on the nice weather to herself, noting that "the sun's blessing Akane-chan too, I see~". She soon notices two figures running towards her at a great pace and realises it's Shizuka and Shiho, racing each other. Akane greets them and calls out that the two of them are lucky to meet her so early in the morning but they run right past her before she can even finish her sentence. She ends up stopping, looking back at the two of them run on and internally declares that this is the first time "Akane-chan's been ignored with such force..." Eventually when the unit has regrouped later in the theater, Serika talks of the hike that she went on with Reika to improve her stamina and Akane guesses that Reika's lung capacity and endurance levels are the result of her mountain climbing trips but Reika tells her she thinks she was just born with it which shocks Akane.

Mirai drops by the unit's practise in order to bring Shizuka something to drink and is blown away by their performances. Akane is shown to be cheering on Serika during their dance while also advising her to forget about heights when she approaches her jumps. Mirai remarks that the unit is clashing but they exert a powerful aura that makes her incredibly excited.

On the day of the "Idol Festival", Shizuka begins to space out while watching everyone else backstage so Akane calls out to her for a group huddle and Serika tells her she's saved a space for her too. Akane also gives Shizuka a reassuring pat on the shoulder during their huddle as the unit prepares to head onstage. Akane comments that "it's about time~! Akane-chan might just go all out~!" As the unit head out to the stage; rain begins to pour down and some of the audience begin to consider heading back and returning after the rain has ended. Sora ends up observing that the next unit is rather unlucky but focuses her camera onto the stage anyway. The audience members that began to head out - as well as Sora - are immediately frozen and divert all of their attention to the unit onstage when they begin to sing. Their immense stage presence pulls everyone back in and the producer utters that the unit has a strong, distinct sound, backed up by movements filled with confidence and that every member has improved. However, they still do not mesh as a team and it's as if all five are doing solo performances.

As it nears the final song, Shizuka reminds herself to control her breathing and thinks back to the stairway behind the theater, underneath the cherry trees. It began raining when she still had five more laps remaining before her routine was complete but the rain made it increasingly harder for her to breathe and just when she was about to give up, she is joined by Shiho and Akane, and then by Serika and Reika. The five reach the final together and they suddenly connect at full power for their final song. Both Sora and the producer believe that the five of them together "won't be led astray by anything". The sun slowly peaks back out as their performance comes to a close and the unit is met with an overwhelmingly positive response.

In the final chapter, during the theater's barbecue party, Matsuri and Tomoka call out that they have arrived with rice balls for everyone and Akane quickly lets them know she just started to crave some. She is about to lift one off of Matsuri's plate when Tomoka calls out to her and asks if she's sure she is fine with those rice balls, accompanied with one of Tomoka's unsettling dark expressions. Akane freezes and scurries away, muttering, "G-Guess I'll take these, after all~". Matsuri doesn't let her get away so easily though and assures her that eating the special rice balls made by the princess will make her the luckiest girl in the world but Tomoka also counters and assures Akane that she made these ones with her bare hands. She ends up being towered over by the both of them holding rice balls to her mouth and repeatedly calling her name.


Akane makes her first appearance in the prologue along with the vast majority of the other theater members - enthusiastically partaking in the commemorative photo Arisa wanted to snap. She makes her reappearance in Chapter 2 after Kana and Shiho fall over each other during their performance. Everything switches immediately to pitch black after the accident and, when the lights return, Akane takes over with Noriko and calls out to the audience as if nothing happened and swings the mood onstage around.

Akane directly points out to Shiho that she smiled at Tamaki after mending her clothes and embarrasses her further by assuring her it was a cute smile, despite Shiho's attempts to ignore her. Akane also agrees with Serika that Shiho has changed recently and lets her know she ended up noticing that too. The producer soon calls for everyone's attention after Kana arrives with the new member - Tsumugi - as it is time to announce the new theater units. Akane and Arisa are the first two members to approach Misaki after she introduces herself next; Arisa claims she is over the moon to be present at the formation of new idol units and Akane wonders aloud what kind of cute unit she'll be in. The two of them catch Tsumugi's attention and she asks Kana who they are. Kana introduces them as her fellow theater members and the two end up jumping together out of surprise when Misaki randomly drops a heavy bag down on the table in front of them.

Misaki ends up announcing all of the new units and their respective members, but when Akane realises that she was left out, her expression falls drastically as well as her mood. However, she soon notices that both Arisa and Sayoko were also left out and freezes for a moment upon noticing their disappointed expressions. Akane takes only a few seconds to put on the same smile she had just before the announcements and pretends to jump around energetically, asking, "C-Could it be that Akane-chan happened to not be chosen for a unit this time?" The producer gives her a knowing smile, despite her attempt to seem unbothered, and decides to ask her if she can help coach the new members, Tsumugi and Kaori, along with Arisa and Sayoko.

Tsumugi introduces herself and is immediately caught off guard after Akane suddenly nicknames her "Tsumurin" and tells her "Akane-chan is cute, so don't hold back and rely on her all you want!" She even ends up trying to pat Tsumugi on the shoulders but is visibly too short to reach her without adding in some extra effort. At the next lessons after the formation of the new units, Akane helps Tsumugi with her stretches after cheering Serika on with her attempts at the balance ball Ayumu brought with her. Tsumugi is extremely exhausted after the break between dance lessons commence and bites back at the producer who asks her how's things going - retorting that you can tell just by looking and notes that the producer is "quite the malicious one". Before things can escalate, Akane quite literally jumps in between them and asks, "Something up, Tsumurin?!" Akane then offers to give her a special lesson as the producer backs away. While she's teaching Tsumugi, she also takes a peek at Shiho and Umi out of concern as Shiho begins to refuse any help and headed off to practise alone.

Kaori's debut live is approaching, as well as the theater's periodic live, so Ayumu and Rio talk about how hard the three new units are working and exchange glances when Tsumugi and Akane run by them as they head towards their lessons; correcting themselves that everyone is working hard and they need to as well. Akane chases after Tsumugi chanting, "Onward, Tsumurin! It's time again for fun lessons with Akane-chan today~!" On the day of the live Tsumugi ends up butting heads with the producer again as a member of the audience but she assures that she's here because Akane invited her, not because she was upset Kaori got to debut before her as the producer assumed. Akane performs a duet with Serika and Tsumugi progressively becomes more enthralled by the performances she watches. After the live ends, Tsumugi heads to the meet and great with the producer, who tells her that even though Akane is tired from giving her all onstage, she's always "the most energetic during the fan service that happens after the live ends". Akane happily greets every fan, shakes their hand and makes sure to ask them if they had fun.

Tsumugi tells the producer that even though she may be lacking skills compared to everyone else in the theater, she wants to strive with everything she has. She is embarrassed by the quick response the producer gives her after she asks if she can become like everyone else, but she is reassured that as long as she has that desire and seriously aims for it, she can reach it. From her position at the meet and greet, Akane notices Tsumugi and the producer and assumes things may be tense, especially due to Tsumugi's silence, so she immediately runs to the two of them to act as a mediator. She is actually met with high praise after she asks how she was and whether or not she was cute in attempt to break any potential tension. At first Tsumugi tells her rather quietly that "it was a wonderful show" so Akane responds in a much more bubbly manner in order to try to make her smile: "Nyahaha~! I know, right~!? Ha! Ha! Ha!" She soon realises Tsumugi is actually at a loss for words and visibly moved, when she reiterates that "it was truly wonderful". Akane is caught slightly off guard by this and she blushes before genuinely smiling back to Tsumugi, thanks to the compliment and the relief. Akane does make the most of the situation though and asks Tsumugi to not hold back and to praise her all she wants.

When Shiho returns to the theater after going missing the day before, she apologises for causing any trouble and is reassured by everyone that it's over now, so she doesn't have to worry. Shiho notices that Akane has approached her and her expression drops when she looks at Akane after she asks, "Shihorin, why didn't you tell anything to Akane-chan?" For the first time, Akane lets others see her sad face and is close to tears after she continues to ask Shiho if she isn't dependable enough yet. Shiho immediately blurts out that isn't the case but is cut off when Akane suddenly hugs her and tells her, "I'm so glad that you're okay." Everyone is surprised to see Akane like this and Shiho almost cries as Akane hugs her, but the heavy-hearted mood is broken when Akane suddenly springs up in the air and shouts out that the "next time something happens, you better tell Akane-chan!" Akane begins to run away, before pausing, turning around again and adding another "you better, okay?!"

As Akane walks away after suddenly switching expressions, Tsumugi stops her and notes, "You're quite kind, Nonohara-san." Akane continues to lighten the mood again and winks, claiming that half of her radiates kindness and when questioned about the other half, she tells Tsumugi that the answer lies within her heart. Tsumugi is visibly confused and shocked at her reply, meanwhile Akane retains her usual smug expression again.


Akane has made a few cameos so far throughout the manga, such as a drawing of herself and Reika on the board within the office, but she has yet to make her official appearance.

THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! Anime

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Theater Days Commus

Akane's Main Commus
Akane's Card Commus

Song Discography

Recorded Solo Songs
Song Classification CD
Prett~~~y→Nyan Nyan! Image Song THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER HARMONY 03
Shooting Stars Akane Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION Vol.03 Dance Edition
Sweet Sweet Soul Akane Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION Vol.04 Starlight Theater
Big Balloon◎ Akane Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION 06 Angel Stars
fruity love Akane Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION 07 Angel Stars
Starry Melody Akane Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION 08 Angel Stars
Fushigi Traveler Akane Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION 09 Angel Stars
Flooding Akane Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION 11 Angel Stars
Harumachi Joshi Akane Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION 12 Angel Stars
Recorded Group Songs
Song CD Sung With
Big Balloon◎ THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 13 Ami Futami, Subaru Nagayoshi, and Konomi Baba
Shooting Stars THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER HARMONY 03 Crescendo Blue
Dreaming! THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER DREAMERS 05 Hinata Kinoshita, Takane Shijou, Fuka Toyokawa, Ami Futami, Arisa Matsuda, Azusa Miura, Rio Momose, Nao Yokoyama, and Roco Handa
fruity love Roco Handa
Flooding THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! 4 Original CD Crescendo Blue
Sweet Sweet Soul THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER FORWARD 03 Starlight Melody Serika Hakozaki and Tamaki Ogami
Starry Melody Starlight Melody
Brand New Theater! THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 03 Angel Stars Angel Stars
Harumachi Joshi THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 13 Rirukyan ~3 little candy~ Rirukyan ~3 little candy~
Kareshi ni Natte yo.
Kiramekirari THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! Blooming Clover 5 Original CD Tsumugi Shiraishi
Justice OR Voice Genesis×Nemesis
Kururi Uta THE IDOLM@STER THE@TER CHALLENGE 03 Elena Shimabara, Kaori Sakuramori, Chizuru Nikaido, and Shiho Kitazawa
Fushigi Traveler
ChocoLove Ru*Eve THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER VARIETY 01 Megumi Tokoro, Mirai Kasuga, Sayoko Takayama, and Anna Mochizuki
Yume ni Kakeru Rainbow THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER SEASON Yume ni Kakeru Rainbow 765 MILLION ALLSTARS
Angel Stars
KING of SPADE THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER SEASON SHADE OF SPADE Tsumugi Shiraishi, Hibiki Ganaha, and Fuka Toyokawa
Harmony 4 You
Brand New Theater!
Glow Map
Harmony 4 You
Yume ni Kakeru Rainbow (Brand New Ver.)
Starry Melody (Brand New Ver.) THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER BEST Starlight Melody
Angel Stars
Seven Count
Baton Touch THE IDOLM@STER MILLION ANIMATION THE@TER MILLIONSTARS Team5th "Baton Touch" Iku Nakatani, Miya Miyao, Serika Hakozaki, and Sayoko Takayama

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • She has an older brother.
  • Akane had an entire mini-game called the "Akane-chan Maker" in the original Million Live! game which was dedicated to creating the many different editions of her “Akane-chan dolls” in-game.
  • Akane often represses her own feelings and emotions in favor of attending to others’ which may be why she was given the Hanged Man as her tarot card as it is usually linked to sacrifice.
  • She is a huge pudding lover, so much so that she claims her dream is to dive into a pool of custard pudding, cries when she sees others eating pudding without her and goes on a full-fledged investigation to find the culprit when her own pudding goes missing from the fridge.
  • Her voice actress owns lots of Akane merchandise, especially of the Akane-chan dolls. She also really loves cats and even raises two of her own.
  • She's somehow skilled at crane games and once got Hibiki the dog plushie she wanted in one try even though Hibiki herself had given up because of how difficult it was.
  • Akane is the only character in Theater Days that has a different mouth shape from the rest of the cast due to her cat based smile. However, Shiki Ichinose has a similar mouth shape in her 3D Model for the Starlight Stage Crossover Event.
  • Akane was also the first character to receive a points based event card in the game.
  • Her face in her signature may look like yet another Nonowa, but actually her eyes, eyebrows, and nose and mouth in it represent のの (nono), ハ (ha) and ラ (ra), respectively.

Fan Culture

  • The developers for Theater Days often use Akane as their test model and during their development presentation, they revealed to fans that they named their strategy the “Akane Daisakusen” (the Great Akane Operation).
  • Fans enjoy displaying Akane partaking in ridiculous endeavours for pudding, such as slowly approaching pudding in the fridge with a smug expression or worshipping it as a powerful being, but it usually ends up with her accidentally knocking the pudding over and mourning.

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