Anna Yamaki

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Anna Yamaki
Anna Yamaki Profile.png
Profile Info
Name: 八巻アンナ (Yamaki Anna)
Nickname: アンちゃん (Anchan)
Birthplace: Tottori Prefecture, Japan
Birthdate: October 15
Height: 167cm
Agency: Remax
Occupation: Voice Actress
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Anna Yamaki (八巻アンナ Yamaki Anna) is the voice actress for Sakuya Shirase. She is affiliated with the talent agency Remax. Her hobbies and skills are visiting temples, shrines, ancient tombs, and museums; watching live comedy performances, piano, drums, and blinking super fast.



  • Rifle Is Beautiful as Yukio Igarashi
  • Hinomaruzumou as Saki Tennouji


  • The iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors and The iDOLM@STER Starlit Season as Sakuya Shirase
  • Azur Lane as Mikuma