Ayaka Fujimoto

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Ayaka Fujimoto
Ayaka Fujimoto.jpg
Profile Info
Name: 藤本彩花 (Fujimoto Ayaka)
Nickname: あーたん (Aatan)、あんたん (Antan)
Birthplace: Hyogo, Japan
Birthdate: December 28th
Height: 145.6 cm
Occupation: Voice Actress
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Ayaka Fujimoto (藤本彩花 Fujimoto Ayaka) is the voice actress for Atsumi Munakata. She is represented by the talent agency EARLY WING. Her hobbies are playing games, shopping, taking strolls, and cosplaying.

Concert Performances

Guest Appearances

Other Roles

TV Anime

  • THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Theater as Atsumi Munakata

Web Anime

  • Kobe Women's University History Department Promotion WEB Animation Historical as Shiki Kanotsuno
  • THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Theater Extra Stage as Atsumi Munakata

Video Games

  • Azur Lane as KMS U-410
  • Black Surgenight as Conner, Hiyou
  • Disgaea RPG as Tria
  • Fight League as Ribon Komano
  • Hiyoko-Shachou no Machizukuri as Bonjiri
  • Mary Skelter Finale as Elie
  • Tenkuu no Craft Fleet as Riina, Sol
  • Valkyrie Connect as Soable, Kushinada

Drama CD

  • Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Kuni!? as Mami Kitayama
  • Subarashiki Jikan Ryokou!? as Nana Kuromori


  • Fujimoto Ayaka no Honki! AniLove
  • Fujimoto Ayaka no Nandeyanen
  • Fujimoto Ayaka to Nagano Yuki no Dream★Etude



  • Honki! AniLove Season 3 Theme Song as part of mirabilis (with Fuuka Izumi, Yuuka Amemiya and Madoka Asahina)


  • She's part of the same agency as Kanako's voice actress Yuka Ohtsubo, and seems to have become friends with both her and Hina's voice actress Rui Tanabe, as she's constantly seen with both of them.
  • She seems to be a NagisaP, as on August 1, 2023, she posted screenshots of Nagisa Aino on Starlight Stage while congratulating her.[1]


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