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Radio Show Data
Station: Nico Nico Douga
Broadcast Format: Streaming
First Broadcast: October 1, 2014
Last Broadcast: Ongoing
Air Time: Wednesdays
Total Broadcasts: 401+
Hosts: Sayuri Hara
Ruriko Aoki
Successor: TBD

CINDERELLA PARTY! (シンデレラパーティー), or simply Derepa (デレパ), is an internet radio broadcast channel that features the personalities Sayuri Hara and Ruriko Aoki. The broadcast period started on October 1, 2014 and is currently ongoing. It airs every Wednesday at 22:00 JST.

Broadcast Sections

Viewers are able to send mail through a specified email or form on the Columbia website. The hosts will then read a viewer response that correlates to the current segment and give their thoughts. Each broadcast has 6 segments.

  • Congratulation (祝辞):
  • That Why It'll Be Okay, Producer! (○○だから、大丈夫だよ!):
  • Live Derepa Until Morning (朝まで生デレパ):
  • Utahime Rakuen Side C (歌姫楽園 side C):
  • Riina's Sparkling Music! (李衣菜のSparkling Music!):
  • Mio's Step Profile! (未央のステップロフィール!):

Physical Releases

CD Release Date
CINDERELLA PARTY! Derepa DE Night o Kikanai to!! ~Akaruku Seiso ni Kawaiku Kiyoku~ June 10, 2015
CINDERELLA PARTY! Derepara~de ga Yattekita! ~Iketeru Kanojo to Tanoshii Kouroku~ April 27, 2016
CINDERELLA PARTY! Derepa Ondo \Dondonka/ August 1, 2018
CINDERELLA PARTY! DEREPA NI PANIC & DEREPA NO KOKORO ~Shinjirarenai Kurai Suteki na CD~ July 20, 2022

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