Cinderella Girl

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The idol will gain the Cinderella Girl title if she wins in a Cinderella Girls Election in THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls and THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage. Each winner receives a special SR set with the title "Cinderella Girl" and a unique blue border. They also receive an event ranking SR set with the title "Anniversary Princess" during the "Idol Produce: Anniversary" events.

Starting in July 2022, the title will be given to the winning idol only in Starlight Stage through Stage for Cinderella.

Idols with the "Cinderella Girl" title in Cinderella Girls
S Rare Card S Rare+ Card Name Year Skill
3403201.jpg 3503202.jpg Airi Totoki 2012 Cinderella Dance
Rankocg1.jpg Rankocg2.jpg Ranko Kanzaki 2013 Cinderella Magic
RinCinderellaGirl.jpg RinCinderellaGirl+.jpg Rin Shibuya 2014 Cinderella Song
Syuko SR5.jpg Syuko SR5+.jpg Syuko Shiomi 2015 Cinderella Eyes
Uzuki SR12.jpg Uzuki SR12+.jpg Uzuki Shimamura 2016 Cinderella Smile
Kaede SR12.jpg Kaede SR12+.jpg Kaede Takagaki 2017 Cinderella Wing
Nana SR12.jpg Nana SR12+.jpg Nana Abe 2018 Cinderella Phrase
Mio SR17.jpg Mio SR17+.jpg Mio Honda 2019 Cinderella Charm
Karen2 SR17.jpg Karen2 SR17+.jpg Karen Hojo 2020 Cinderella Heart
Fumika SR16.jpg Fumika SR16+.jpg Fumika Sagisawa 2021 Cinderella Bright