Hiori Kazano

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Hiori Kazano
Shiny Colors Character Data
Name: 風野灯織 (Kazano Hiori)
Voice actor: 近藤玲奈 (Kondou Reina)
Age: 15
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Birthday: March 4th
Blood type: A
Three sizes: 75-55-78 cm
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: Music, Looking for beautiful scenery, Fortune telling
Skills: Cooking, Schedule management
Horoscope: Pisces
Hometown: Tokyo
Image Color:

Hiori Kazano (風野灯織 Kazano Hiori) is one of the idols available in THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors.

She is considered the main blue representative of the Shiny Colors branch. As a member of illumination STARS, she makes up the main trio of the game along with Mano Sakuragi and Meguru Hachimiya.

She is voiced by Reina Kondou (近藤玲奈 Kondou Reina).


Shiny Colors Biography

I've still got far to go... I want to be an idol that sparkles brighter than anyone else.

Online Character Profile

Song for Prism Profile Quote

"In order to become my own ideal person, I must work hard."


"I'm Hiori Kazano. I'll do my best to not drag everyone down."

Character Profile


Gorgeous and clear-headed, like an unreachable beauty. Her charm is that she's more stoic than anyone else, but also more pure-hearted than anyone else. It's just that her habit of saying exactly what she's thinking means she's easily misunderstood and makes enemies easily. She hates that part of herself most of all, and isn't proud of it. Additionally, when she unintentionally hurts someone's feelings, she can fall into a depression due to her sensitive side.
In her youth, she was a totally normal girl, but due to family matters, she gained her harsh-on-others-and-herself personality. Currently, she's living on her own in all but name, and is skilled at cooking and making schedules. Her hobbies include music appreciation and finding beautiful scenery, along with fortune-telling. She relies on the concept of fortunes and jinxes for her own moral support.
In middle school, when she saw an idol's performance at her school's festival, she began to yearn for the "love" that connects idols and their fans. Because of this, she wanted to become an idol. If she were to become a sparkling idol, she might be able to love herself as well as be loved by others. She decided to enter 283 Production, and was assigned to the unit illumination STARS. Mano and Hiori share the aspect of not being able to connect well with people. Meguru gives her friendship and bonds.

Character Description

While Hiori comes off initially as harsh and stoic, in reality she just struggles opening up and socializing with others, which can lead to misunderstandings sometimes. Even if she sounds harsh sometimes, she is a really kind girl. Because of this, she treasures every friend she makes.

Hiori is a serious and hard-working girl, always doing her best to achieve her goals. However, she tends to doubt herself and compares her capacities with others. Initially, she worries that she wasn't skilled as Mano and Meguru and was holding them back, making her unsure about being part of illumination STARS. One day, she talks about it with Mano, and, realizing their similarities, she decides that the best would be to work together as an unit. A bit after that, Hiori gets sick and worries that she'll hold them back again. After she comes back, Meguru and Mano throw her a surprise party, and Hiori realizes that she has friends to rely now.

She is a first year in high school.

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  • Hiori loves fortune telling and believes in a variety of superstitions.
  • She lives by herself and is very mature and responsible. Because of this, she feels embarrassed when 'acting her age'.
  • She wanted to become an idol after seeing an idol who inspired her to become her ideal self in middle school.
  • During the Catch the Shiny Tail event, she was a volunteer police officer for a day.

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