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Video Game data
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release Date: October 2, 2013

iM@S CHANNEL (Japanese: アイマスチャンネル Aimasu Channeru) is a free downloadable channel on the PS3 which contains storage for games, photos, news, and more. It was released on October 2, 2013 with Shiny TV and downloadable versions of G4U. The idols navigate you through the channel and can be swapped. There are login campaigns which unlock new costumes and images for the channel. THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL was added in 2014. Downloadable content included Shiny TV or G4U pack per week.



A HD remake of THE iDOLM@STER SHINY FESTA. "We Have A Dream" is included with two difficulties for free.
Also available are 12 content packs for 1500 yen each which include a mixture of songs and an idol's show. While each pack has an idol for it's theme it also includes other idol songs in it's pack. "Machiuke Prince" is an available in every DLC pack. Upon buying all of the first six DLC packs, "arcadia" is available to download for free, and after buying packs 7-12 "Sora" is available to download for free.

Mini Album Name Date Available
Mini Album 01 Haruka and Friends "Flower" October 2, 2013
Mini Album 02 Yayoi and Friends "Cheer" October 2, 2013
Mini Album 03 Takane and Friends "Mystic" October 9, 2013
Mini Album 04 Chihaya and Friends "Earnest" October 23, 2013
Mini Album 05 Hibiki and Friends "Windy" November 6, 2013
Mini Album 06 Miki and Friends "Starlight" November 20, 2013
Mini Album 07 Yukiho and Friends "Heart" December 4, 2013
Mini Album 08 Iori and Friends "Grace" December 18, 2013
Mini Album 09 Ritsuko and Friends "Wisdom" January 9, 2014
Mini Album 10 Azusa and Friends "Blessing" January 22, 2014
Mini Album 11 Ami & Mami and Friends "Future" February 5, 2014
Mini Album 12 Makoto and Friends "Refresh" February 19, 2014

THE iDOLM@STER Gravure For You!

The first volume is up for a downloadable free trial. However, it costs 300 yen to store the photos.
The full first downloadable volume costs 300 yen, with the 2nd through 9th downloadable volumes costing 1500 yen each. Each G4U! Pack is being re-released in the same order as the original release, but now with features featured in only the second half of the series. In addition, buying these packs unlocks the 765PRO idol voices that play upon looking at pictures in the gallery.


Contains iM@S Channel related news and updates.


A "gateway" to play the PS3 game: "ONE FOR ALL".


Originally one of two sections on the channel which were labelled as "???" when it was announced, with the other being the "ONE FOR ALL" gateway. It was hinted to be a future release for 2014, but no further information was given, and the section was removed.


Contains photos gained from logging in during certain periods.

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