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Ibuki Kido

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Ibuki Kido
Ibuki Kido.jpg
Voice Actress Profile
Name: 木戸 衣吹
Nickname: いぶきんぐ (Ibuking)
いぶいぶ (Ibuibu)
いぶちゃん (Ibu-chan)
Birthplace: Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Birthdate: November 11, 1997
Age: 24
Blood: A
Agency: Horipro
Occupations: Voice Actress
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Ibuki Kido (Japanese: 木戸 衣吹 Kido Ibuki) is the voice actress for Kana Yabuki. She is currently affiliated with Horipro. Her special skill is removing earwax, and her hobbies are watching anime, playing with her pet dog, and cleaning ears. She is in a unit with Erii Yamazaki called every❤ing! as a result of the 37th Horipro Scout Audition Caravan.


TV Anime

  • Aikatsu! as Asami Himuro
  • Aikatsu Friends! as Mio Minato
  • Amagami SS+ as Executive Committee
  • Bakuon!! as Chisame Nakano
  • Bladedance of Elementalers as Claire Rouge
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun S as Little Girl B
  • Chronicles of the Going Home Club as Natsuki Andō
  • Daimidaler the Sound Robot as Soriko Majikina
  • GJ Club as Cat; Kasumi Shinomiya
  • Golden Time as Chinami Oka
  • Hamatora as Little Sister
  • (The) "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat. as Female Student A
  • If Her Flag Breaks as Nanami Knight Bladefield
  • Isuca as Sakuya Shimazu
  • Meshimase Lodoss-tō Senki Sorette Oishii no? as Dori-chan
  • My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU as Yuka
  • NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them! as Student
  • Nobunaga The Fool as Nell
  • Oneechan ga Kita as Mina Fujisaki
  • OniAi as Akiko Himenokōji
  • Oreimo 2 as Ria Hagry
  • Orenchi no Furo Jijō as Boy; Kasumi
  • Pupa as Yume Hasegawa
  • Re-Kan! as Hibiki Amami
  • Sky Wizards Academy as Christina Balcuhorn
  • Tokyo ES as Rinka Urushiba


  • THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE: Kagayaki no Mukōgawa e! as Kana Yabuki

Video Games

  • THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! as Kana Yabuki
  • Hyper Galaxy Fleet as Hasabe Mizuki
  • Girls' Frontline as HSM10 M82
  • Schoolgirls Strikers as Niho Hinomiya