Kan Tokumaru

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Kan Tokumaru
Voice Actor Profile
Name: 徳丸 完 (とくまる かん)
Birthplace: Shizuoka, Japan
Birthdate: May 26, 1941
Age: 69
Death: March 6, 2011
Blood: O
Occupations: Voice Actor,

Kan Tokumaru was the voice actor for Junichirou Takagi. He passed away March 6, 2011 due to an unknown cause at the age of 69. He was succeeded by Hochu Otsuka in later iDOLM@STER media.

Radio Participation

Radio Host

Radio de iM@SHOW!: Narrator
Radio de iM@STAR☆: Narrator

Guest Appearances

THE IDOLM@STER RADIO: Appeared on Broadcast 38