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Kaoru Sakura

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Kaoru Sakura
Kaoru Sakura-profile.jpg
Profile Info
Name: 佐倉 薫 (Sakura Kaoru)
Nickname: かおるん (Kaorun)
Birthplace: Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Birthdate: September 29, 1990
Age: 32
Height: 163 cm
Bloodtype: A
Agency: REMAX
Occupations: Voice Actress
External Links
Agency Page

Kaoru Sakura (Japanese: 佐倉 薫 Sakura Kaoru) is the voice actress for Chitose Kurosaki. She is affiliated with REMAX.

Other Roles

  • Change Our Mirai! as ​Nagi Kobotoke
  • Shojo Kageki Revue Starlight: Re LIVE as Elise (Elle Nishino)
  • Mayoiga as Koharun
  • Dropout Idol Fruit Tart as Chiko Sekino