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Keisuke Furuhata

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Keisuke Furuhata
Furuhata Keisuke.jpg
Voice Actor Profile
Name: 古畑 恵介
Nickname: ふーくん (Fuu-kun)
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate: March 30, 1993
Age: 28
Height: 167 cm
Blood: A
Agency: Orange
Occupations: Voice Actor
External Links
Official Website

Keisuke Furuhata is the voice actor of Shiro Tachibana. He is currently affiliated with Orange. His hobbies are flower arrangement, singing, and writing poetry.

Radio Participation

315PRO Night!: Hosted episodes 217-218, 221-222, and 225-229 and was a guest on episode 82.


  • Shiro is one of Keisuke's few voice acting roles, as he mainly focuses on stage plays.