Kotomi Otonashi

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Kotomi Otonashi
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General Character Data
Name: 音無琴美 (Otonashi Kotomi)

Kotomi Otonashi (音無琴美 Otonashi Kotomi) was a former idol and the mother of Kotori Otonashi, the office clerk from 765 Production. She initially appeared as a cameo in episode 21 of the 2011 anime adaptation.


Much like her daughter, Kotomi has brown eyes and green hair which goes down her neck. In contrast to her daughter who has a beauty mark on her right cheek, Kotomi has a beauty mark under her eye.

Official Spinoff Manga: Asayake wa Koganeiro THE iDOLM@STER

Asayake wa Koganeiro THE iDOLM@STER serves as the prequel to the events related between the two producers; Junichirou Takagi and Takao Kuroi. The manga explores the relationships between Kuroi, Takagi, Kotori, and Kotomi.

All information for Kotomi is based on this manga.

Pre-idol life

Before being an idol, she was part of the brass band in her high school. She met Producer Takagi by chance at a baseball game bumping into him due to her carrying her large instrument. Producer Takagi spontaneously asked her if she wanted to be an idol.

Idol life

Kotomi went to high school in Tokyo while also being an idol. When being Kotomi was being described as an idol, she's described as fresh, a person you'd always want to look at, and have no other outstanding characteristics.

The climax of her career is when Producer Takagi pushed her PV's to multiple people, including a composer, granting her three new songs. Producer Takagi and Producer Kuroi worked together to make a large concert to fully showcase her talents as an idol. But a day before the actual LIVE, Kotomi disappeared from the entertainment industry altogether.

Kotomi has a rare chronic disease called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. She cannot be subject to physically taxing activities. Even though she had this disease, she hid it from Producer Takagi and was eventually found out by the production when she collapsed during her practice for her major LIVE.

Producer Takagi being the primary handler of Kotomi had to deal with all the backlash of her disappearance. This also caused Takao to resent the industry as a whole and sow disdain towards Kotomi for leaving both himself and Takagi to fend for themselves.

Post Idol Life and Death

Reporter Yoshizawa was able to meet with Kotomi, who was living with her family in the countryside, two years after she disappeared from the industry. She was pregnant with Kotori Otonashi. Kotomi revealed that she and Producer Takagi will not see each other anymore.

She died from a currently unknown cause around four years after giving birth to Kotori. Kotomi retained her maiden name because her husband left the family and took his name from the family register due to Kotomi's poor health.

Kotori's fond memories of her mother are when Kotomi sang for her daughter, leaving Kotori with an affinity towards idol activities and being the primary cause of her acceptance of Producer Takagi's invitation to be an idol.