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Larissa Tago Takeda

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Larissa Tago Takeda
Voice Actress Profile
Name: 武田 羅梨沙 多胡 (Takeda Rarisa Tago)
Birthplace: Okazaki, Aichi, Japan
Birthdate: September 30th
Agency: I'm Enterprise
Occupations: Voice Actress,
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Larissa Tago Takeda (Japanese: 武田 羅梨沙 多胡 Takeda Rarisa Tago) is the voice actress for Yuzu Kitami. She is represented by the talent agency I'm Enterprise. (株式会社アイムエンタープライズ).


TV Anime

  • Aikatsu Stars! as Girl, Stella (eps 65-66)
  • Kino's Journey - the Beautiful World- as Child B (ep 11)
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! as Female student
  • My Girlfriend is Shobitch as Shizuku Ariyama[4]
  • Basilisk: The Ōka Ninja Scrolls as Child, boy
  • Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari as Woman
  • Chio's School Road as Miyama's Girlfriend
  • Golden Kamuy as Children (ep 3)
  • Gundam Build Divers as Suu
  • Hanebado! as Suzu Shiraishi (eps 4-5)
  • Happy Sugar Life as Part-Timer Girl (ep 1), Sumire Miyazaki (eps 2, 4-5)
  • Persona 5 the Animation as Female visitor B (ep 6)
  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. as Female student A
  • Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale as Sonata[5]
  • Magia Record as classmate
  • Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon as Hisui (baby)
  • Akudama Drive as Audience
  • Talentless Nana as Student
  • My Girlfriend is Shobitch as Shizuku Ariyama
  • Yakiniku-ten Sengoku as Aoi Shachigashira[6]

Anime Films

  • Penguin Highway as Ono-san

Video games

  • Formation Girls as Ririko Tomohata
  • Hoshi no Liberion as Cadmos
  • Shirohime Quest Kyoku as Nagahama Castle, Murakami Castle
  • Tsuyokute NEW GAME as Tomoe, Nia
  • Anata no Shikihime Kyoudoutan as Monomaria
  • Abyss Horizon as Kodaka, Charger, Arkansas
  • 23/7 Twenty Three Seven as Sigurd Riva
  • Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi as Sawano Fukuda
  • Cuisine Dimension as Omurice
  • Azur Lane as Marblehead
  • Last Period as Lao


  • Takeda's father is third-generation Japanese-Brazilian. Her mother's name is Takeda, and her father's name Tago, and her first name is Larissa. Therefore the Brazilian name is generally "personal name + maternal name + paternal name", thus her name becomes Larissa Tago Takeda.
  • One of her hobbies includes drawing and creating art, as seen from her Twitter
  • She and Ru Thing have a broadcast program together. Their show is called Rari Lu ReLo. Their official twitter can be found here