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Lu Ting

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Lu Ting
Lu Ting Profile.jpg
Voice Actress Profile
Name: ルゥ・ティン
Nickname: るぅちゃん (Ru-chan)
るんるん (Runrun)
Birthplace: China; raised in Osaka, Japan.
Birthdate: December 21
Agency: Im Enterprise
Occupations: Voice Actress,
External Links
Im Enterprise Page

Lu Ting (ルゥ・ティン Ru Tin) (Chinese: 卢婷 Lú Tíng) is the voice actress for Syuko Shiomi. She is represented by the talent agency Im Enterprise.

Radio Participation

Radio Host

Guest Appearances

Concert Performances

Solo Concert Performances

Other Roles

Tokyo 7th Sisters as Rishuri Maezono




  • She and Larissa Tago Takeda have a broadcast program together. Their show is called Rari Lu ReLo. Their official twitter can be found here