Miharu Hanai

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Miharu Hanai
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Voice Actress Profile
Name: 花井美春
Nickname: るんるん (Runrun)
Birthplace: Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan
Birthdate: February 8th, 1998
Age: 25
Height: 153cm
Blood: Unknown
Agency: IAM Agency
Occupations: Voice Actress
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Miharu's IAM Agency Page

Miharu Hanai (花井美春 Hanai Miharu) is a Japanese voice actress from Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan and the voice for the Cinderella Girls idol Tomoe Murakami. She is represented by the talent agency IAM Agency.


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  • Miharu knows how to sing Japanese folk songs, and for her ability to do so likely cemented her in the role of Tomoe Murakami.
  • She knows how to play the shamisen.
  • It is rumored that she is the younger sister of Love Live Sunshine seiyuu Aina Suzuki.

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