Natsumi Haruse

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Natsumi Haruse
Natsumi Haruse.jpg
Voice Actress Profile
Name: 春瀬なつみ
Nickname: なっぴー (Nappi)
Birthplace: Takamatsu, Japan
Birthdate: June 17th, 1994
Age: 29
Height: 145cm
Blood: A
Occupations: Voice Actress
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Natsumi Haruse (春瀬なつみ Haruse Natsumi) is a Japanese voice actress from Takamatsu, Japan and the voice for the idol Kaoru Ryuzaki. She is represented by the talent agency Mausu Promotion.


Born June 17th, 1994, Natsumi Haruse is a Japanese voice actress from Takamatsu, Japan. Natsumi is the second born of three daughters, and loves her sisters a lot, often posting remarks about her love for them on her blog. Natsumi sometimes refers to herself as a shy person. She has a blog that she updates frequently titled "Sunflower". Before she joined her current talent agency Mausu Promotion, her prior agency was Pro-Fit. One of her long time desires was to be involved in Disney Channel works, as she always watched Disney Channel as a child. This dream came true when the Japanese dub of the show "101 Dalmatian Street" began broadcasting in 2019.

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  • One of her hobbies is watching figure skating. Natsumi can distinguish different skating jumps from one another. She became interested in figure skating after watching the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
    • She especially likes Russian figure skaters, this interest then jump starting a fascination with Russia. This fascination is something she has in common with Sumire Uesaka the voice actress for Anastasia.
  • Natsumi is really good at cooking. She is exceptionally skilled at frying eggs.
  • She is friends with Atsumi Tanezaki, the voice actress of Kyoko. Both of them often emphasize their friendship and admiration for their characters during official events and radio shows.
    • During "Producer-san Kansha Fes" (held in 2019) they appeared together on "Tanezaki Atsumi no Cinderella Kitchen" segment.

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