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Noctchill unit logo.png
General Unit Data
Original Name: ノクチル
Translated Name: noctchill
Unit Members: Toru Asakura
Madoka Higuchi
Koito Fukumaru
Hinana Ichikawa
Production Agency: 283 Production
Image songs: Itsudatte Bokura wa
Ano Hana no You ni
Bokura Dake no Mirai no Sora
Ima Shikanai Shunkan o
Catch the Breeze
Asphalt o Narashite

noctchill is one of the 7 idol units that has appeared in THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors.


"Good-bye to our transpicuous selves"

An idol unit full of transparency, formed by four childhood friends
They don't have to be someone-
The girls become a blue breeze chasing the running waves.


Toru Asakura Madoka Higuchi Koito Fukumaru Hinana Ichikawa
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In Game

CD Recordings


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  • The unit name is named after Noctiluca scintillans, a relatively large one-celled dinoflagellate that exhibits bioluminescence when disturbed.
  • In POPLINKS, all members of the unit share Ico oceanPL.pngOcean attribute.