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Cinderella Girls Character Data
Name: ぴにゃこら太 (Pinyakorata)
Voice actor: 大橋彩香 (Ohashi Ayaka)
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Pinyakorata (ぴにゃこら太), sometimes translated as Piña Colada, is an in-universe fictional character featured in the THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls. It can be considered the mascot of the Cinderella Girls branch.


Pinyakoratas are large, cat-like creatures with whiskers and a staple accessory. There are three Pinyakoratas so far in the series. The original, primary one is Pinyakorata, which is green and white with an orange bow on its left ear. It can be consistently seen in merchandise and promotional material for the Cinderella Girls series. It is voiced by Ayaka Ohashi. Black Pinyakorata (黒ぴにゃこら太) is black and grey with a dark grey necktie. It has a small tuft of hair and lines under its eyes. It is voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi. Pink Pinyakorata (ピンクぴにゃこら太) is pink with a purple bow on its right ear. It has long eyelashes and wears pink eye shadow. It is voiced by Nao Touyama.

Pinyakorata first appeared on October 18th, 2013, in Honoka Ayase's [Prima Girl] rare card. It was officially named almost a month later on November 13th, 2013, in Miyako Anzai's [Sticking Style] rare card, where the text "…yakorat…" can be seen under the design on her shirt.

Honoka Ayase has a particular affinity for Pinyakorata, having originally won a plush of it in a crane machine. She has a collection of Pinyakorata merchandise and will stop everything if she spots Pinyakorata in public. Though her friends Shinobu Kudo, Yuzu Kitami, and Azuki Momoi seem to think it's very ugly, they have come to understand and respect Honoka's love. These same idols make up the unit Frilled Square, which Pinyakorata is often associated with due to its frequent appearance in the unit member's cards and 4komas.

Game Appearances

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

Pinyakorata appears in the following 3D song MVs.

Pinyakorata can also be seen in many corners of the game. It acts as the Game Center's receptionist and hosts the April Fools' Day 2021 game "Play with Pinya! ~Idol Quiz King Tournament~" (ぴにゃこら太と遊ぼう!~アイドルクイズ王決定戦~). It's commonly seen on the lottery results screen. It has many room items themed after it as well.

Granblue Fantasy

Pinyakorata is a staple of the Cinderella Girls Granblue Fantasy collaborations.


Media Appearances

Donjara NEO: THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

Pinyakorata appears in the game as a special tile in the Additional game set. Players can discard the Pinyakorata tile to draw two tiles and discard two tiles in the same turn without interruption from other players. However, the Pinyakorata tile can be used in conjunction with Honoka Ayase's tile to boost the number of members of a unit combination she is in by 1 up to the maximum of a 5-member unit should the player be able to form a complete yaku containing both the tiles.

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