Rina Kawaguchi

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Rina Kawaguchi
Rina Kawaguchi-profile.png
Profile Info
Name: 川口莉奈 (Kawaguchi Rina)
Nickname: なりちゃん (Nari-chan), なりてゃ (Naritya)
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Birthdate: November 24th
Height: 144 cm
Agency: Aoni Production Co. Ltd.
Occupation: Actress
Voice Actress
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Rina Kawaguchi (川口莉奈 Kawaguchi Rina) is the voice actress for the Shiny Colors idol Luca Ikaruga. She is affiliated with Aoni Production Co. Ltd. Her hobbies include drawing, MikuMikuDance, dancing, and watching horror movies. She is skilled at singing, making tea, playing drums, and whistling.

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