Sayaka Kamitani

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Sayaka Kamitani
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Voice Actress Profile
Name: 神谷早矢佳
Nickname(s): God ちゃん (God-chan)
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Birthdate: June 22nd, 1997
Age: 26
Agency: Crazy Box
Occupations: Voice Actress
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Sayaka Kamitani (神谷早矢佳 Kamitani Sayaka) is a Japanese voice actress from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. She is the voice for the Cinderella Girls idol Hikaru Nanjo. She is represented by the talent agency Crazy Box


Born June 22nd, 1997, Sayaka Kamitani is a Japanese voice actress from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Before her 2018 debut, Sayaka graduated from the Japan Broadcasting and Acting Research Institute. The role of Hikaru Nanjo was her debut role, and also the first role in which she auditioned for. An extremely sporty person, Sayaka was an athlete during her days at Amagasaki Municipal Taisei Junior High School in Hyogo Prefecture. When she was a student, she participated in track and field competitions and won fourth place in the middle school women's shot put competition at the Amagasaki City Track and Field Athlete's Right Competition in 2012, and the 62nd Amagasaki Citizens Games 4X100m relay race.

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  • Sayaka's hobbies include exercising and listening to music.
  • She is skilled in piano and drums.
  • She loves playing video games, and was playing Cinderella Girls long before her casting.

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