Shiki Aoki

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Shiki Aoki
Shiki Aoki.png
Voice Actor Profile
Name: 青木志貴
Nickname: 魔王 eerie (Devil eerie), しきくん (Shiki-kun)
Birthplace: Toyama, Japan
Birthdate: Jan 14, 1990
Age: 33
Height: 162cm
Blood: AB
Agency: Miki Production
Occupations: Voice Actor
Fashion Designer
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Miki Production Page
Youtube Channel

Shiki Aoki (Japanese: 青木志貴 Aoki Shiki) is a Japanese voice actor from Toyama Prefecture, Japan and the voice actor for Asuka Ninomiya. He is represented by the talent agency Miki Production.


Born on January 14, 1990, Shiki Aoki is a Japanese voice actor, streamer, and fashion designer from Toyama Prefecture. He is signed to the talent agency Miki Production. He enjoys gaming, fashion, cosplaying, and everything occult related. Before breaking into the industry, he appeared as a gamer in various internet shows, as a model for magazines, and appeared in stage plays. He has a channel on the streaming site Twitch. Aside from voice over work and acting, Shiki produces his own fashion brand, Green Eyed Monster. In March 2021, Shiki published "Live Selfishly", an essay book detailing his experiences from childhood to adulthood. The book also explores bullying, gender identity and can be purchased here.


  • Shiki is the only male seiyuu for an idol within THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls.
  • Shiki has the nickname of "Devil" as a gamer because of his good gaming skills.
  • Shiki won the tournament of Texas Hold'em (a kind of poker) in High school.
  • Shiki's favourite game is Tekken.
  • Shiki is identified as LGBT:FTM.
    • He identifies as pansexual.

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