THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

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THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
Main Logo
iOS Title Picture
Video Game Data
Platform: Mobage, iOS, Android, AndApp, ChromeApps
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Developer: Cygames
Selling Agency: DeNA
Release Date: November 28, 2011 (Mobage, Feature Phones)
December 16, 2011 (Android, iOS)
November 17, 2014 (Android App)
November 25, 2014 (iOS App)
December 3, 2014 (South Korean App)
Shutdown Date: March 14, 2016 (South Korean App)
March 30, 2023
CERO Rating:

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ Aidorumasutaa Shinderera Gaaruzu), (Korean: 아이돌마스터 신데렐라 걸즈 aidolmaseuteo sindelella geoljeu) was a card-based social mobile game initially released for feature phones that supported DeNA's Mobage service on November 28th, 2011, with support for iOS and Android beginning on December 16th, 2011. It was one of the first games developed by Cygames (the other being "Rage of Bahamut", two months earlier). The game is also known as MobaMas (モバマス Mobamasu) or DereMas (デレマス Deremasu). The former is a portmanteau of "Mobage" and "THE iDOLM@STER", and the latter is an official shortening for the Hepburn romanization of "THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls".

Cinderella Girls as a whole is one of the five iDOLM@STER brands best known for the largest number of idols to produce with 190 obtainable original idols. Additional characters in this game include four trainers, thirteen 765 Production idols, and five 876 Production idols, totaling 212 characters in the game (or 215 if the three Korean-exclusive idols are included). It should be noted not all of the idols are currently voiced. A select of total 98 idols have received voices through multiple means, mainly popularity, and are a part of the media mix (including anime, CDs, and drama tracks).

Cinderella Girls was the first iDOLM@STER game to be released in Korea, released on December 3rd, 2014. This version, however, was shut down on March 14th, 2016, leaving its three Korean-exclusive idols unavailable. On September 3rd, 2015, Cinderella Girls received a free-to-play mobile rhythm game spin-off called THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, also developed by Cygames, for iOS and Android. It should also be noted the 765 and 876 Production idols are not included in Starlight Stage, as they have been stopped receiving content within the Cinderella Girls franchise as a whole, except for special events. The brand has many different types of media other than mobile games, spanning three animated serials. The series also has various manga series and anthologies, as well as two radio talk shows, Dereradi and CINDERELLA PARTY!.

The game also holds the annual General Election, which was held to select the most popular idols for the year. The top three of each attribute (cute, cool, and passion) were then given a spot on a special CD. The overall winner in first place would be crowned "Cinderella Girl" for each year and would earn a spot on a yearly special CD and a special SR (also titled "Cinderella Girl") in the Mobage game. In many instances, some unvoiced idols had been given voice actresses from these elections.

Several playable campaign modes were made available within the Cinderella Girls game itself. These two minigames featured characters and aspects of the original game, and have become popular enough for additional content to be added. Please see the Dice DE Cinderella and Puchiderella pages for more information.

After a series of content reductions started in 2020, the game ceased its operations on March 30th, 2023, leaving Starlight Stage as the sole representative game of this brand. Purchase of Cinderella Coin was suspended on December 22nd, 2022, while new events and gachas continued until December 16th, 2022.

System & Gameplay

Introduction & Tutorial

The gameplay is similar to a Facebook game in that there is regenerating stamina and an emphasis on interaction with other players. Idols in the game are represented as trading cards. Each idol has their own stats, costs, and rarity, and will be one of the three main attribute types Cute, Cool, or Passion. The rarities are Normal, Rare, and S Rare.

When you first begin, you are greeted by a secretary similar to Kotori Otonashi named Chihiro Senkawa. She is your guide to help you learn the ropes. You are then given a choice of your motif. You can choose from Cute, Cool, or Passion. Your motif provides a small bonus to all of your idols of that type and is displayed on your profile. Once you choose a motif, you are given one leader card from that type. If you choose Cute, you receive Yayoi. If you choose Cool, you receive Chihaya. If you choose Passion, you receive Yukiho.

As you start the game, your first step should be to attend the local audition. This will give you a normal idol. Next is work. Spend your stamina to gather idols and exp; however, stop when you are about to level up. Before you level up, you have a few more important things. With the idols you receive from work, it is important to train away from the idols not of your motif into your starting rares. The motif bonus is the edge you'll need for successful attacks. (NOTE: DO NOT train away your starting rares. That will hurt you for quite a while until you receive enough rares from events/clothes to make up for it.) Add up the cost of all your idols to see if your attack and cost are roughly the same. If your attack points<total attack cost, then go ahead and train away more idols; otherwise, you should try not to train away any more idols. Now is the time to participate in live concerts. When you are looking for people to challenge, try to look for people who have defense points roughly equal to or less than your attack cost. Once you find someone, check to see if they have any clothing pieces you want. There is no point in not fighting for clothes when you can. Once you are out of attack (or too little to make good use of), go work to level up. All your points will be restored and you can repeat. At lower levels, it is a lot easier to get dismissed, so try to not fight people too low level.

Once you have gone through a bit of distance, here are some tips.


Since you don't have many powerful idols to start with, you can special train some of your better idols into +s. This bonus is minor but training idols into +s usually provide more stats per level.

If you can join a production, do so. Productions give valuable stat points for you to allocate. Try to look for active productions, active productions will grow more consistently and do better in events.

Clothing is automatically taken when you complete the set and you don't have to collect the reward. If you don't want to have a trainer sitting in your group, then don't pick up the reward until you want to pick her up.

The more clothing color types you have on you, the more likely people will attack you for them. If you have 2 of 6, almost no one will attack you. If you have 5 of 6, you will be attacked quite a lot. If you want a buffer, you can collect several pieces of the same color. The rarity of colors is as follows: Orange<Blue<Red<Yellow<Green<Purple. If you have the more common colors, you will rarely be attacked. If you have green or purple, you have usually attacked quite soon after. Return to previously worked zones with known clothing rewards combined with attacking people to allow you to get 2 or 3 pieces in one go!

When looking for people to fight, rarity is usually a good adjuster of how many defense points you can give or take for the target; however, you can be deceived. People with a normal leader can actually be packing rare+s and s rares. It is not often, but it can happen.

Quantity is more powerful than quality, but quantity requires high stats and will result in you attacking less often due to the high point demand. If you want to attack more frequently, reduce the number of idols you are carrying. With this, you can make your total attack cost less than your total attack, yet your defense will suffer. If you don't want to let your wonderful idols go or want to keep your defense high, you can try to challenge people while your attack is around the amount you want. This will result in you bringing fewer backup idols, but that is the trade-off.

Keeping to your motif is usually for the best. If you can fill yourself out with high-quality idols of your motif, then you will fare better than mixing around. However, if you manage to get a high-quality rare in another type, it is alright to divert your energy. If you can, try to see if you can trade her away for someone of equal value to your motif.

Only lesson rares into other rares. It is a waste to sacrifice a rare for a normal.

Participate in events if they don't require an authorized account for their rewards. The rewards are amazing. Otherwise, it is still good to participate in the events for your production's sake.

If you only have high-level idols to train and you are strapped for cash, don't hesitate to 'transfer'/sell your lower-cost idols you receive. Training a low-cost idol into a high-level idol will yield little progress and will make you lose lots of money.

Character Type

The three main types are Cute (Pink), Cool (Blue), and Passionate (Yellow). For example, Cute types are Haruka and Yayoi, Cool types are Chihaya and Takane, and Passionate types are Miki and Mami. The fourth type is Trainer(Green). (See Lessons)

Character type is somewhat important in that, other than to separate idol personalities, character type is used to activate certain live concert bonuses. The default bonus is based on your motif. If you chose Cute, all of your Cute idols participating in a live concert will receive a minor bonus. However, don't worry too much about types. Having a strong rare of a different type can easily outweigh the small benefit of your motif. Rares have the biggest influence as they usually will strengthen idols of one type or weaken the rival's idols of one type.


Lessons are used to level up idols. To participate in lessons, you must choose one or more idols as lesson partners. However, there is a catch. Lesson partners, when used, will disappear, basically being a sacrifice. As an idol gets to higher levels, lessons become more expensive. (100*level money. No, queuing up more idols at once won't save you from the increased price by levels.) Levels increase Power and Defense. Training an idol with idols of the same type increases their growth % further than normal. On chance, the idol will have a perfect lesson; the growth % is increased further than normal. Idol+s are 150% effective, thus it is more money efficient to use idol+s on higher level idols, but two regular idols give more exp overall.

Trainers are the best way to level up an idol. Trainers, represented by their name and green background, have low stats and high costs. They are just a waste of attack/defense points when in your group. However, when a trainer is used up, they will easily bring up an idol's level by 2 to 5.

When training a rare, you can improve the rare's talent by partnering it with another rare. When you set a rare( or rares) as partners, it will display the chance that it will level up the rare's talent. If successful, the rare's talent will level up, otherwise, it stays the same. Trainers, though being stated as rares (and Passion type at that), do not improve your idol's talent.

Special Training

When you have more than one of the same idol, you are able to activate Special Training. By combining the two together, they become an idol+ with new art, a new look, and a new attitude towards the producer. The idol+ will have increased stats, will carry over 5% of the stats of the two idols used, will carry over the affection of the idols used, and will be level 1. If both idols used for special training were maxed level, the idol+ will carry over 10% of the stats instead.

Normal + Normal = Normal+

Rare + Rare = Rare+

S Rare + S Rare = S Rare+


Work is simple. You press the "Continue work" button on a certain job automatically given to you, and the idols do it for you. The Idol that participates will be one of the main idols you designated as your offensive team idols, defensive team idols, or leader. Between pressing the "Continue work" button, animated screens will sometimes announce received normal rarity idols, affection on the participating idol (equal to the stamina cost), or a piece of a stage costume. Your stamina will slowly (and as you get to higher working levels, quickly) decrease. There are 5 areas in a district. When you complete an area to 100%, you will move on to the next area and you will be awarded a stat point. When you complete the 5th area in a district, you will have a Live Battle. There is an end to work, so don't worry about spending all your stamina on it; try participating in Events. If you have run out of work and want more, you'll have to wait for further expansions.

If you level up, your stamina will be fully restored. You can redo old jobs to get clothing and idols. Stamina regenerates at 1 every 3 minutes. Work is slow, but the easy way to make money and fans. You gain 1 exp for every 1 stamina consumed.

Live Battles

When reaching the end of a district, you will be challenged by an idol to a Live Battle. Only the leader goes against the idol, and the battle is decided by popularity (number of fans). If you win, you will receive a variety of presents. However, some cannot be received. (see Registration Confirmation)

Live Concerts

Live Concerts are battles against other players online. Instead of just the leader participating, the entire unit competes against the rival unit. The battle is determined by the combined Power or Defense of the idols against the rival unit's Power or Defense. When you challenge another player, the system tries to use ALL your attack points or ALL your idols (whichever occurs first). Though it only displays 5 idols, all of the other idols can still participate as backup idols. Though backup idols only contribute 80% of their stats, you will bring as many backup idols as you have leftover attack points. To determine how many attack points you will use (if less than your current attack points), add up the cost of all your idols. The same occurs on the defense; however, defense uses defense points and will use your idol's defense stats. You will only lose some defense points, not all your points like an attack. Attack/defense points restore at 1 every minute. Live Concerts are a quick way to make money and fans( if you win); as well as, you receive affection from your 5 team idols. You won't lose fans for losing, only money. If you win a live concert, you have a chance of your idols entering an 'awakened' state. This will give your idols a 10% bonus on their attack, but the awakened state only lasts 10 minutes. The awakened state can stack to give more than 10% but does not reset the timer.

Note: you will use ALL your attack points if able. If you have fewer attack points than the next (backup) idol you would otherwise bring, you will still bring that idol. However, the idol will contribute a percentage of its stats (on top of the 80% if it is a backup idol). The percentage is equal to *points remaining*/*cost of idol*. That is the reason why it is difficult to keep trainers. If you don't have a lot of idols to use as a backup instead, the trainer will contribute very little and eat up all your remaining points.

Rares are good. They provide a bonus that can add a couple thousand to your score if you set up the team right. However, rares only have a chance of activating their ability (, unless they are the leader; the leader will always activate their ability). Thus, don't be surprised to see that not every rare contributes to their bonus. Rares only affect idols in your unit or in the rival's unit.

Team Organization

The organization determines the idols that have priority when you challenge people or are challenged, as well as, is used to change your leader. Your leader is the top priority on both offense and defense and is the card displayed when others are looking for someone to engage in a live concert. (Note: your leader doesn't have to be the one you first received to continue to receive their bonus; that is their rare ability and it can still apply.) Rares will only provide their bonus if they are in the unit and will only affect units that are in your unit or in the rival unit. The idols chosen also will be the ones that participate in Work. Idols not in the unit can still be used as backup idols (not activating any rare abilities and only contributing 80% of their stats). You cannot have two of the exact same idol on a team. However, that doesn't mean you can't have more than one version of the same person. (Ex: You can have a normal and a normal+ of the same idol on a team.) If you do not choose idols for your team, they will temporarily be set on their own when needed. (Lives, work, etc.)

Live Rehearsals

When challenging another member of your production to a live concert, you will instead have a live rehearsal. You won't lose any money and you can't challenge them for clothes, but you will still use up the attack.


When you challenge someone to a live concert and they are of a significant level difference or simply too low level, you will be dismissed off the stage. You receive nothing, you automatically lose, and you still use up your attack points.

Registration Confirmation

Although the game can basically be played, it is suggested that you confirm your Mobage registration in order to participate in many bonuses. Items won through Live Battles and Login bonuses cannot be received without confirmation. However, for foreign users with a foreign phone number, registration confirmation is impossible, as only Japanese phone numbers are allowed to confirm. As such, foreign users can only receive items won through Live Concerts, Work, and Rank ups.


Items in Cinderella Girls can be purchased at the shop with Mobucoins. Other items can appear for events or as rewards and can have varied effects. The main three items found are the following:

Stamina Drink

Once consumed, the stamina drink will fully restore your stamina.

Energy Drink

Once consumed, the energy drink will fully restore your attack points and defense points.

Closet Key

To use, you go to costumes and choose a dress type and a color. When used, the closet key will make it so everyone who challenges you to a live for that color of that dress will automatically lose. You will receive money as if it were a normal win and you will not lose that piece of clothing. This effect lasts 24 hours.

Other Gameplay Mechanics

Stage Costumes

As you work, you will receive stage costumes. When you collect all 6 pieces of a stage costume, you can go to your costume section and receive the corresponding reward. Not just by working, you can get costume pieces from Live Concerts. You can gather the same setup 3 times.


A transfer is an option you can choose when you receive an idol to "sell" them. You can go to the Transfer button to sell the idols you have.

MAX Affection

When an idol goes to max affection, a notification will appear to meet that idol. Once you have met the idol, an animation occurs. The idol will now have improved stats.

While working, the affection reward will always be put on an idol that has room. If you have only one idol that isn't maxed, that idol will get the affection, assuming they are part of the main teams.


Once a day, you will have the opportunity to have a local audition. This takes no effort and gives you an idol; the idol given is most often a normal but it can be a rare. There are other auditions but those take "coins" (the cash shop money) and friendship points. This is the only use for friendship points.

Rank Ups

Rank ups occur once you have so many fans and will award you an assortment of goods. You don't need to be authenticated to receive them.


Productions are equivalent to a guild/clan. When part of a production, you will gain a variety of benefits. For every other member in your production, you will receive two points that you can allocate. To increase the number of members your production can hold, you must level it up. To level up a production, you can donate money or clothes. Clothes from higher level sets will provide more to the development. As the production gets larger, the production leader can invest in some add-ons to the production. Add-ons will bestow buffs to the respective idol type. Productions compete in events and rankings as an entity of their own. You can create a production of your own at level 5. If a member leaves the production, you lose two points from your highest stat. You cannot leave or dissolve a production until 24 hours after your joining/creation.


Between the basic info and the 5 displayed idols, you can see banners that appear like advertisements. Those banners are events with usually one banner advertising the cash shop audition. The banners can provide a separate outlet for your stamina and attack. Whether celebrating Christmas or Valentine's day, the rewards for these events can be phenomenal. However, some events require an authenticated account. Spending stamina on these events will not provide you points to allocate but they will still give you exp.

Production Ranking Award

Every week, your production and you will be awarded a variety of goods based on how many fans you gathered that week. These items require you to have an authenticated account. If you do have an authenticated account, aim for the top for great rewards!


You can trade all sorts of goods with other players. When offering a trade, all things on your side is removed. The other person has 48 hours to respond or the trade is automatically canceled. When a trade is completed/canceled, you can go to your trades to pick up the items/idols. You can only offer/demand a maximum of 10 things (idols, x amount of an item, x money) in a trade between both parties. Trading is only available to those with authenticated accounts.


Whenever you receive an idol you have never received before, it will be registered in your album. Once you have so many idols in your album, you can register for an album level up. This allows you to carry more idols. (More than your starting 50.) Your album also records all the idols that you got to max affection. By reaching certain amounts of max affection, you get rewarded with exclusive rares and SRares for each type. These cards can only be received with an authenticated account.

Login Bonus/Daily Reset

When you log in, you receive a login bonus. This awards 400 friendship points and 5000 money. As of June 1st, 2012, as you log in for consecutive days, you will accumulate rewards including half-drinks, trainers, and platinum gacha tickets. These can only be received with an authenticated account. Every day at 5:00 am JST(Japan Standard Time), the day resets. Allowing you to receive another login bonus and have a local audition.

Translation of top screen: [1]


Click here to see the character list.


The following idols are exclusive to the original game, and most of them are guest idols coming from other branches.

765 Production Idols
Haruka Amami Yayoi Takatsuki Makoto Kikuchi Hibiki Ganaha
Chihaya Kisaragi Ritsuko Akizuki Azusa Miura Takane Shijou
Yukiho (Rare).jpg
Miki Hoshii Yukiho Hagiwara Iori Minase Ami Futami
Mami Futami
Freelance Event Idols
Cineria CG Event.jpg
Yumeko Sakurai CG Event.jpg
Cineria Yumeko Sakurai
876 Production Idols
Ai R.jpg
Eri R.jpg
RyoCG R.jpg
Ai Hidaka Eri Mizutani Ryo Akizuki
Korean Version Exclusive Idols
Haena Ryoo Juney Yujin Im

Official Units

A full list of Cinderella Girls units can be viewed at THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Units page. Includes THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage original units as well.


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