THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149 (anime)

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THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149
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Anime Details
Title: アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ U149 (Aidorumasutaa Shinderera Gaaruzu U149)
THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149
Studio: CygamesPictures
Release Date: April 5, 2023 – June 28, 2023
October 25, 2023 (OVA)

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149 is an anime series loosely based on the manga of the same name, first announced during the second day of the THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 10th ANNIVERSARY M@GICAL WONDERLAND TOUR!!! concert on April 3rd, 2022. Like in the manga, the main characters are the Third Entertainment Division – idols age 12 and younger who are under 149 centimeters tall (4'11") – along with their short Producer.


One afternoon.
Arisu, who was on summer vacation, was in a room of a certain talent agency.
There, she met eight girls of different grades and personalities.
The name of the room is "Third Entertainment Division".
In this dusty little room, the little girls (under 149 cm) dream.
This is where their story as idols will begin──.

And then, a wonderful producer who looks like a prince shows up!
…But it was a short young man who had just become a producer.

A new producer who only has his motivation and girls who are just starting out.
They wonder why their job is so difficult, and worry, and the next day they smile and climb the stairs hand in hand.
Will Arisu and the other girls be able to go to the stage of their dreams?
A new story born from "THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS".

"──Hey, what do you want to be when you grow up!?"

Episode List

Shine In The Sky☆ plays as the opening theme for episodes 2–10 and OVAs 1-2.
No. Title Original Air Date Songs
01 When Can't You See Your Own Face in the Mirror?
Kagami Demo Miru Koto ga Dekinai Jibun no Kao tte, Nani?
April 5, 2023
It was a sweltering summer day. At a certain major talent agency, an executive meeting was being held to discuss a newly launched idol project and to put a newbie producer in charge of it. Arisu Tachibana, a girl selected for the new "3rd Entertainment Division", couldn't properly tell her busy parents the news, and thus found herself unable to sign the consent form. Meanwhile, the Producer has to figure out just how to do his job…
Based on: Original content (first half); Prologue–Chapter 2 (second half)
02 What Says "I'm Home" Even Though It's Leaving?
Odekake Nano ni Tadaima o Suru Mono, Nani?
April 12, 2023
The 3rd Entertainment Division is set to shoot promotional photos today! Nina is all ready to go, wearing her favorite kigurumi. When Producer tells her she must take it off for the shoot, for some reason, Nina refuses to take it off. While Arisu and the others become disillusioned by the Producer's lack of finesse, a new problem arises… another one of Nina's kigurumi has gone missing?! Who could be behind this, and will Nina, Arisu, and the Producer be able to find it?
Based on: Original content (entire episode); Arisu photoshoot arc (Chapters 4–6) with Nina as the focus character instead
03 What Sinks in the Ocean and Doesn't Get Wet?
Umi ni Shizunde mo Nurenai Mono, Nani?
April 19, 2023
The members of the 3rd Entertainment Division are frustrated with the Producer's daily routine of having them practice lessons with no actual work. When some of the girls show him "SugarMin☆TV", a popular streaming channel run by Shin Sato and Nana Abe of the same agency, he comes up with an idea – it's to have Shin teach the others how to record videos as a job! Miria is overjoyed and begs Shin to teach her how to livestream. However, as Shin is showing Miria how to set up the computer, she accidentally begins streaming!
Based on: Original content (entire episode); elements taken from Indigo Ring-a-Ling Radio arc (Chapters 72–75) with Sugarmin as the supporting characters instead
04 What Flies With Broken Wings?
Hane ga Orete Iru no ni Tonde Iku Mono, Nani?
April 26, 2023
Momoka has been chosen to appear on a variety show… which turns out to include bungee jumping! Despite the challenge, the adults on set seem impressed by Momoka's calmness, graceful smiles, and refined manner of speaking. Meanwhile, Arisu, who had tagged along, was shocked to see Momoka acting out a script contrary to her actual demeanor. When it's time to go bungee jumping, however, Momoka suddenly gets nervous and needs some support from Producer and Arisu.
Based on: Momoka bungee arc (Chapters 38–41), with changes to the location and the roles of Sachiko and Karin; Volume 1 tankoubon Special Edition Drama CD (ending)
05 What's Really High But Underground?
Sugoku Takai no ni Zutto Chika ni Aru Mono, Nani?
May 3, 2023
Risa is annoyed that other girls have either been getting jobs or simply want to hang out and play games. One day, Producer shows up with the opportunity to audition for the leading role in a new film. Risa is determined to get the role, thinking her dad will be proud of her, and reluctantly follows the Producer's audition prep plan, which he spent all night creating for her. When she ends up getting cast as the supporting character instead, written in a different style than her usual persona, will the other members be able to lend their knowledge to help her play the best possible version of her character?
Based on: Risa audition arc (Chapters 68–71), with changes such as Momoka being Risa's driving force instead of Arisu, and the removal of Kozue Yusa
06 What Gets Cooler The Hotter It Gets?
Atsuku Nareba Naru Hodo Kakeru Mono, Nani?
May 10, 2023
  • Tulip (insert) by Kanade Hayami, Syuko Shiomi, Mika Jougasaki, Frederica Miyamoto, and Shiki Ichinose
  • Nightwear (insert) by Kanade Hayami, Syuko Shiomi, Mika Jougasaki, Shiki Ichinose, and Frederica Miyamoto
  • ACE (ending) by Haru Yuuki
Haru and Risa have been chosen to be last-minute backup dancers at a live performance by the popular idol unit LiPPS. After training and rehearsing dance moves for days, Haru is shocked to learn she will have to wear a dress during the concert. Haru expresses her uncomfortableness wearing girly clothes, preferring to look tomboy-ish and cool, but Risa views this as selfish and the two get into a fight. Will Producer be able to help Haru get through her discomfort and have the performance be a success?
Based on: Haru backup dancer arc (Chapters 12–14), with changes to feature LiPPS instead of only Shiki
07 What Speaks Without a Voice?
Koe o Motanai no ni Kataru Mono, Nani?
May 17, 2023
One day, Koharu decides to bring her best friend and pet iguana Hyou-kun to the office. She talks about her dream of becoming a princess, and calls Hyou-kun her knight, as his distinct appearance helps her parents always find her despite her spaciness and tendency to wander off. When the Producer tells her about a job that involves appearing at an event where the public can interact with rare animals, Koharu is excited and happily agrees to partake. However, after the show, Koharu follows a butterfly into a large park next door… and when Producer and the girls try to search for her, they discover that the attendees have bought identical plushies modeled after Hyou-kun! Will the others be reunited with her, and will Koharu get to embody the role of a princess fated to be saved?
Based on: Animal festival arc (Chapters 44–47), with changes such as Indigo Bell hosting the event instead; original content (Koharu's dream sequence)
Recap Episode 1–7 Clip Show
Dai-1-wa~7-wa Soushuuhen
May 24, 2023
A recap episode providing a summary of the story so far, with voiceover narration and clips from each of the first seven episodes. Due to the main broadcaster TV Tokyo's coverage of the 2023 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships, episode 8 was delayed a week. The recap aired 50 minutes after its usual air time.
08 What Do You Put On To Be Beautiful?
Kirei ni Naru Tame ni Haku Mono, Nani?
May 31, 2023
Tsukasa Kiryu, the charismatic high school CEO, is planning to release children's clothes for her brand. Chie, Miria, and Koharu were selected to partake in the runway event and they're fully motivated to dress up in stylishly mature clothing. Chie, however, was secretly too hesitant to wear those cute clothes. As she hides her nervousness and helps with the preparations, Tsukasa lets out a shrill scream!? They rushed over to her side, only to find Tsukasa accidentally spilled her coffee over the outfits they were about to wear…!
Based on: Original content with some certain elements from Miria fashion show arc (Chapters 8-10)
09 What Has Its Face Come Out When it's Warm?
Attakai to Kao ga Hokorobu Mono, Nani?
June 7, 2023
Today, Kaoru is full of energy and is doing her homework for her summer vacation picture diary with Arisu. However, there are so many things she likes to do such as… singing, cooking, flowers, omurice, etc. that she finds it hard to decide on a theme! Kaoru is at a loss, but the Producer suggests that she should enjoy "summer" to her heart's content!? To fully enjoy summer, the idols are having a blast in the great outdoors. Unable to hold back any longer, Kaoru takes Arisu's hand and runs outside to make memories of their summer vacation!!
Based on: Original content with elements from Summer Vacation arcs
10 What Color Gets Bigger the More You Bring It Together?
Kasanereba Kasaneru Hodo Ookiku Naru Iro tte, Nani?
June 14, 2023
Thanks to constant social media postings, the 3rd Entertainment Division has been gradually gaining fame. The idols are also motivated to perform a concert for all the fans who supported them! However, they have no songs to sing! As they sigh about how they've still got a long way to go until their official debut, the Producer comes barging in with a smile… and to their surprise, a debut song!? Everyone's overjoyed by the good news that just popped up. However, it appears that things aren't as simple as they seem…
Based on: Original content with elements from viral video arc (Chapters 35-36) and Chie debut live arc (Chapters 16-20)
11 What's the Difference Between Grown-Ups and Kids?
Otona to Kodomo no Chigai tte, Nani?
June 21, 2023
The 3rd Entertainment Division is overjoyed when their debut has been confirmed. However, Arisu walked home alone with slow and heavy steps. The Producer asked her to meet with her parents to discuss her future. Unable to tell her parents about her true feelings, Arisu is unable to discuss her dreams, future, or what kind of person she wants to grow up as with everyone else until the day of the interview...
Based on: Original content (with elements from Arisu’s Starlight Stage story commu and Chapter 101 Arisu Tachibana #5)
12 What Can't Be Seen When It's Bright Out, But Can Be Seen When It's Nighttime?
Akarui Toki wa Mienakute, Nemuru Toki ni Mieru Mono, Nani?
June 28, 2023
The senior idols will be holding a joint live performance soon. The members of the 3rd Entertainment Division, unable to attend due to their age, simply dreamed of the stage they have always longed to be on. However, by a strange turn of events, they were chosen to perform! Overjoyed, the idols rush headfirst into their lessons. However, the first step they'll take in their eagerness to give their fans a wonderful stage may have been a little too big for them…
Based on: Summer Live arc (chapters 100-114), post-credit sequence is loosely based on +Step arc (Chapters 65-67)
13-1 What's Invisible But Can Jump And Dance?
Mienai Kedo, Hanetari Odottari Suru Mono, Nani?
October 25, 2023
Part 1 of the OVA bundled with the release of the series' fourth Blu-ray. It features Yukimi Sajo.
Based on: Original content
13-2 What Flowers Bloom When You Talk To Them?
Oshaberi Suru to Saku Hana tte, Nani?
October 25, 2023
Part 2 of the OVA bundled with the release of the series' fourth Blu-ray. It features Kozue Yusa (with unvoiced appearances of Chika Yokoyama and Mai Fukuyama).
Based on: Original content

List of Characters

Nine idols were first seen in the teaser aired during Day 2 of the THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS LIKE4LIVE #cg_ootd concert, matching the initial lineup present in the first chapter of the manga ("Third Entertainment Division 01"). The U149 counterpart of the Producer (voiced by Yuuki Yonai) was confirmed via visible shadows in the Key Visual. Kozue Yusa, Yukimi Sajo, Mai Fukuyama, and Chika Yokoyama join the group at the end of episode 12.

Main Idols

Cute Cool
U149 SNS Icon Momoka.png
U149 SNS Icon Koharu.png
U149 SNS Icon Arisu.png
U149 SNS Icon Haru.png
U149 SNS Icon Chie.png
U149 Character Icon Momoka.png Momoka Sakurai U149 Character Icon Koharu.png Koharu Koga U149 Character Icon Arisu.png Arisu Tachibana U149 Character Icon Haru.png Haru Yuuki U149 Character Icon Chie.png Chie Sasaki
U149 SNS Icon Miria.png
U149 SNS Icon Risa.png
U149 SNS Icon Kaoru.png
U149 SNS Icon Nina.png
U149 Character Icon Miria.png Miria Akagi U149 Character Icon Risa.png Risa Matoba U149 Character Icon Kaoru.png Kaoru Ryuzaki U149 Character Icon Nina.png Nina Ichihara

Other Idols



  • Original Concept: Bandai Namco Entertainment (バンダイナムコエンタータインメント)
  • Original Character Design: Kyouno (廾之)
  • Director: Manabu Okamoto (岡本 学)
  • Assistant Director: Hiroyuki Takashima (高嶋宏之)
  • Script/Series Composition: Oki Murayama (村山 沖)
  • Animation Character Design: Norie Igawa (井川典恵)
  • Concept Art: Kin'ichi Ookubo (大久保錦一)
  • Design Works: Takeshi Noda (野田 猛), Keiko Odasaki (小田崎恵子), Noriko Nakamoto (中村倫子), Takahiro Watabe (渡部尭皓), Michiko Makita (槙田路子)
  • Art Design: Yoshihiro Sono (曽野由大), Takeyuki Takahashi (高橋武之), Kazushige Kanehira (金平和茂)
  • Art Director: Kazuhiro Inoue (井上一宏)
  • Color Design: Makiko Doi (土居真紀子)
  • 3DCG Director: Hiromitsu Ishikawa (石川寛貢), Masamune Sakaki (榊 正宗)
  • Cinematographer: Yoshihiro Sekiya (関谷能弘)
  • Editing: Akinori Mishima (三嶋章紀)
  • Sound Director: Manabu Okamoto (岡本 学)
  • Music: Makoto Miyazaki (宮崎誠), Ruka Kawada (川田瑠夏), Shuuhei Mutsuki (睦月周平)
  • Music Production: Nippon Columbia (日本コロムビア)
  • Animation Production: CygamesPictures


  • TV Tokyo: Every Wednesday at 00:00 JST
  • AT-X: Every Thursday at 23:00 JST (reruns Monday at 11:00 and Wednesday at 17:00)
  • BS11: Every Monday at 23:30 JST
  • BS4: Every Friday at 22:30 JST
  • TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: Every Saturday at 07:00 JST


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