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THE iDOLM@STER Million Live!
THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! 2023 Logo.png
Anime Details
Original Title: アイドルマスター ミリオンライブ!
Romanized Title: Aidorumasutaa Mirion Raibu!
Translated Title: THE iDOLM@STER Million Live!
Air Date: October 8th, 2023 – December 24th, 2023
Production and Original Work: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Planning: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Studio: Shirogumi Inc.

THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! (アイドルマスター ミリオンライブ! Aidorumasutaa Mirion Raibu!) is a 3D-CG animated adaptation of THE iDOLM@STER Million Live!. It was first announced during the Mirishita 3rd Anniversary!! Ashita e Challenge! livestream on July 4th, 2020.

The storyline follows the thirty-nine idols of the newly-formed 765PRO Live Theater base at 765 Production.

Prior to its airing on October 8th, 2023, the series received advance screenings in select theaters in three acts, from August 18th to October 13th, 2023.


"A million sparkles waiting ahead…
The theater and our dreams, begin!
— Catchphrase —

A girl who wants to grasp a dream she has yet to see, Mirai Kasuga.
A girl who longs to become an idol, Shizuka Mogami.
A girl who has yet to know what serious business is like, Tsubasa Ibuki.
The brilliance of idols will guide these three to a new friend, who awaits their arrival.
When 39 idols reach for the "dream" together, the brilliance of a million is born in the theater!

Episode List[1]

Starting from Episode 2, Rat A Tat!!! plays as the opening theme.
No. Title Original Air Date Songs
01 My Very Own Dream Just for Me
(たったひとつの自分らしい夢 Tatta Hitotsu no Jibun-rashii Yume)
October 8th, 2023
What are dreams?
Busy second-year middle school student Mirai Kasuga still doesn't know what her dream is.
When she happens to receive a ticket to a 765PRO ALLSTARS concert, Mirai meets fellow second-year middle school student Shizuka Mogami, who has dreamed of becoming an idol since she was a young girl.
Also in the audience is Tsubasa Ibuki. While all three of them watch, the curtains rise on the stage!
02 Auditions Are the Doorway to Dreams
(夢のとびらはオーディション Yume no Tobira wa Oodishon)
October 15th, 2023
  • Rat A Tat!!! (insert) by Mirai Kasuga, Shizuka Mogami, and Tsubasa Ibuki
Mirai and Shizuka practice hard for the 765 Production audition.
The auditions for the new project have been going smoothly, and Tsubasa decides to become an idol.
35 girls have already passed the auditions and begun their lessons.
The day of the final audition arrives.
After the interview, Mirai and Shizuka move on to the stage audition, but...
03 Sparkling World! Our Theater!
(きらめく世界! 私たちのシアター! Kirameku Sekai! Watashi-tachi no Shiataa!)
October 22nd, 2023
Mirai, Shizuka, and Tsubasa have joined the MILLIONSTARS, but the 765PRO Live Theater that will serve as their home base is still under construction.
While walking with the producer assigned to the project, the members of MILLIONSTARS show up one after another.
Overwhelmed by their personalities, the girls immediately jump into their dance lessons.
Even the touring members of the 765PRO ALLSTARS learn the MILLIONSTARS have finally begun operating.
04 We're Putting On a Concert in a Field!?
(原っぱライブ はじめます⁉ Harappa Raibu Hajimemasu⁉)
October 29th, 2023
The 765PRO Live Theater opens in two months, so Mirai proposes holding a concert in the field next to the building,
and her idea spreads among the other members of the MILLIONSTARS.
As their dreams expand to include food stalls and attractions, doubts about performing in an incomplete state grow as well,
and the producer who had been merely swept along until now finally opens his mouth.
05 Our Incomplete Thank You!
(未完成のThank You! Mikansei no Thank You!)
November 5th, 2023
  • We Have A Dream (insert) by Mirai Kasuga, Shizuka Mogami, Tsubasa Ibuki, Matsuri Tokugawa, Yuriko Nanao, Serika Hakozaki, and Anna Mochizuki
  • Thank You! (Acoustic ver.) (insert) by MILLIONSTARS
With the field concert approaching, the MILLIONSTARS are with lessons and preparations.
Their biggest task is creating the tent that will serve as their stage.
The producer brings sleeping bags to the members who are up late working.
Once they're wrapped in their sleeping bags, Mirai thanks the group.
Finally, the day of the concert arrives.
06 The Dream Gets Rolling: Live Theater Project!
(動き出す夢 ライブシアタープロジェクト! Ugokidasu Yume Raibu Shiataa Purojekuto!)
November 12th, 2023
The pre-opening event is a huge success, but Shizuka's concerns are also revealed as the event ends.
Her father will only allow her to work as an idol while she's in middle school, but the producer understands Shizuka's desire to continue being an idol.
Finally, the producer announces a press conference will be held for the MILLIONSTARS' debut.
07 Shocking! Midsummer Sea Debut Battle!
(ドキッ! 真夏の海のデビューバトル! Doki! Manatsu no Umi no Debyuu Batoru!)
November 19th, 2023
Everyone is talking about MILLIONSTARS Team1st's debut concert, and Team2nd and Team3rd are set to appear on a special travel episode of "Is This Live?! Sunday".
The two teams race through a seaside obstacle course for the right to perform their debut concert at the end of the show.
The ten members overcome various obstacles as they head towards the finish line.
Which team will win...?!
08 A Performance for Change
(変わるためのステージ Kawaru Tame no Suteeji)
November 26th, 2023
Team4th and Team5th are debuting on the same day. When Team4th arrives at the amusement park where they will be performing, they discover their stage has been flooded by broken water pipes.
In its place, they're provided with a run-down stage, and only a handful of people come to watch their first performance.
Meanwhile, Team5th runs into trouble with their own performance.
Can both teams overcome the crises they're facing?!
09 The Other Baton
(もうひとつのバトン Mou Hitotsu no Baton)
December 3rd, 2023
Team6th makes their debut on a music program, and Team7th will debut at an artist-focused festival as the only idol group.
Only Mirai, Shizuka, Tsubasa, Kaori, and Tsumugi of Team8th remain.
Before their debut, Team8th is instructed to perform as backup dancers for the 765PRO ALLSTARS.
Team8th is overwhelmed by seeing the ALLSTARS up close.
10 What an Idol Needs
(アイドルに大切なもの Aidoru ni Taisetsu na Mono)
December 10th, 2023
  • G-Senjou no Aria (insert) by Chihaya Kisaragi, Shizuka Mogami, Shiho Kitazawa, and Serika Hakozaki
  • Gift Sign (insert) by Shizuka Mogami
Shizuka is asked to perform at Chihaya's charity concert at the last minute.
Mirai suggests this might be an opportunity for Shizuka's father, who opposes her becoming an idol, to see her perform.
Through her lessons with Chihaya, Shizuka feels strongly that she wants to become more like Chihaya so her father will accept her dream.
Two days before the concert, Chihaya takes Shizuka and her friends to the auditorium where the concert will be held.
11 Feelings to Take Us Through the Door
(とびらの向こう 繋がる想い Tobira no Mukou Tsunagaru Omoi)
December 17th, 2023
The theater's opening performance is one month away.
However, the 39 girls struggle to find time to meet, leading Mirai to unfurl the tent from the handmade concert and explain how they struggled to meet then too,
but looking at this made her feel like they were working together.
Meanwhile, the producer suggests a training camp.
12 To a New Future
(新しい未来へ Atarashii Mirai e)
December 24th, 2023
The day of the 765PRO Live Theater's opening show "RAISE THE DREAM!!!" has arrived,
marking the beginning of MILLIONSTARS' future on a new stage!



Princess Idols Mirishita Princess Logo.png
Mirai ML Anime Profile.png Emily ML Anime Profile.png Umi ML Anime Profile.png Minako ML Anime Profile.png Sayoko ML Anime Profile.png
Mirai Kasuga
(CV. Haruka Yamazaki)
Emily Stewart
(CV. Yuu Kahara)
Umi Kousaka
(CV. Reina Ueda)
Minako Satake
(CV. Eri Oozeki)
Sayoko Takayama
(CV. Yuri Komagata)
Kotoha ML Anime Profile.png Matsuri ML Anime Profile.png Iku ML Anime Profile.png Yuriko ML Anime Profile.png Noriko ML Anime Profile.png
Kotoha Tanaka
(CV. Risa Taneda)
Matsuri Tokugawa
(CV. Ayaka Suwa)
Iku Nakatani
(CV. Akari Harashima)
Yuriko Nanao
(CV. Miku Itou)
Noriko Fukuda
(CV. Nana Hamasaki)
Arisa ML Anime Profile.png Kana ML Anime Profile.png Nao ML Anime Profile.png
Arisa Matsuda
(CV. Rie Murakawa)
Kana Yabuki
(CV. Ibuki Kido)
Nao Yokoyama
(CV. Yui Watanabe)

Fairy Idols Mirishita Fairy Logo.png
Shizuka ML Anime Profile.png Shiho ML Anime Profile.png Julia ML Anime Profile.png Tsumugi ML Anime Profile.png Momoko ML Anime Profile.png
Shizuka Mogami
(CV. Azusa Tadokoro)
Shiho Kitazawa
(CV. Sora Amamiya)
(CV. Aimi)
Tsumugi Shiraishi
(CV. Saki Minami)
Momoko Suou
(CV. Keiko Watanabe)
Tomoka ML Anime Profile.png Megumi ML Anime Profile.png Subaru ML Anime Profile.png Chizuru ML Anime Profile.png Ayumu ML Anime Profile.png
Tomoka Tenkubashi
(CV. Kotori Koiwai)
Megumi Tokoro
(CV. Yukiyo Fujii)
Subaru Nagayoshi
(CV. Yuka Saitou)
Chizuru Nikaido
(CV. Kanako Nomura)
Ayumu Maihama
(CV. Megumi Toda)
Mizuki ML Anime Profile.png Rio ML Anime Profile.png Roco ML Anime Profile.png
Mizuki Makabe
(CV. Rika Abe)
Rio Momose
(CV. Rikako Yamaguchi)
Roco Handa
(CV. Atsuki Nakamura)

Angel Idols Mirishita Angel Logo.png
Tsubasa ML Anime Profile.png Tamaki ML Anime Profile.png Reika ML Anime Profile.png Hinata ML Anime Profile.png Kaori ML Anime Profile.png
Tsubasa Ibuki
(CV. Machico)
Tamaki Ogami
(CV. Eri Inagawa)
Reika Kitakami
(CV. Emi Hirayama)
Hinata Kinoshita
(CV. Nao Tamura)
Kaori Sakuramori
(CV. Arisa Kouri)
Karen ML Anime Profile.png Elena ML Anime Profile.png Fuka ML Anime Profile.png Akane ML Anime Profile.png Serika ML Anime Profile.png
Karen Shinomiya
(CV. Yui Kondou)
Elena Shimabara
(CV. Asuka Kakumoto)
Fuka Toyokawa
(CV. Rie Suegara)
Akane Nonohara
(CV. Saki Ogasawara)
Serika Hakozaki
(CV. Momo Asakura)
Konomi ML Anime Profile.png Miya ML Anime Profile.png Anna ML Anime Profile.png
Konomi Baba
(CV. Minami Takahashi)
Miya Miyao
(CV. Choucho Kiritani)
Anna Mochizuki
(CV. Shiina Natsukawa)


Haruka ML Anime Profile.png Chihaya ML Anime Profile.png Miki ML Anime Profile.png Ritsuko ML Anime Profile.png Hibiki ML Anime Profile.png
Haruka Amami
(CV. Eriko Nakamura)
Chihaya Kisaragi
(CV. Asami Imai)
Miki Hoshii
(CV. Akiko Hasegawa)
Ritsuko Akizuki
(CV. Naomi Wakabayashi)
Hibiki Ganaha
(CV. Manami Numakura)
Makoto ML Anime Profile.png Takane ML Anime Profile.png Yayoi ML Anime Profile.png Yukiho ML Anime Profile.png Ami ML Anime Profile.png
Makoto Kikuchi
(CV. Hiromi Hirata)
Takane Shijou
(CV. Yumi Hara)
Yayoi Takatsuki
(CV. Mayako Nigo)
Yukiho Hagiwara
(CV. Azumi Asakura)
Ami Futami
(CV. Asami Shimoda)
Mami ML Anime Profile.png Azusa ML Anime Profile.png Iori ML Anime Profile.png
Mami Futami
(CV. Asami Shimoda)
Azusa Miura
(CV. Chiaki Takahashi)
Iori Minase
(CV. Rie Kugimiya)

Other Characters


Unit Members Song
Minako Satake, Shiho Kitazawa, Tomoka Tenkubashi, and Anna Mochizuki Star Impression
Umi Kousaka, Karen Shinomiya, Noriko Fukuda, Mizuki Makabe, and Rio Momose Umikaze to Castanets
Kotoha Tanaka, Tamaki Ogami, Megumi Tokoro, Fuka Toyokawa, and Yuriko Nanao Orange no Kioku
Konomi Baba, Momoko Suou, Chizuru Nikaido, Arisa Matsuda, Nao Yokoyama, and Roco Handa catch my feeling
Sayoko Takayama, Iku Nakatani, Akane Nonohara, Serika Hakozaki, and Miya Miyao Baton Touch
Matsuri Tokugawa, Emily Stewart, Hinata Kinoshita, Elena Shimabara, and Subaru Nagayoshi Unknown Box no Hirakikata
Julia, Reika Kitakami, Ayumu Maihama, and Kana Yabuki Twirler
Mirai Kasuga, Shizuka Mogami, Tsubasa Ibuki, Kaori Sakuramori, and Tsumugi Shiraishi REFRAIN REL@TION


  • Original Concept: Bandai Namco Entertainment (バンダイナムコエンタータインメント)
  • Director: Shinya Watada (綿田慎也)
  • CG Director: Daisuke Shioya (塩谷大介)
  • Screenplay/Series Composition: Youichi Katou (加藤陽一)
  • Animation Character Designer: Tetsuya Ishii (石井哲哉) and Kaori Tsuta (蔦佳穂里)
  • Art: Natsumi Sakamoto (坂本夏海)
  • Concept Art: Masato Shirota (白田真人), Nami Ogata (緒方菜海), and Ryuuji Hida (肥田竜二)
  • Art Board: Big Studio (ビック・スタジオ)
  • Color Setting: Hikaru Takigawa (滝川ひかる) and Miyuki Satou (佐藤美由紀)
  • Shooting Director: Kentarou Oda (織田賢太郎)
  • Editor: Akari Saitou (齋藤朱里)
  • Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta (菊田浩巳)
  • Music: Torine
  • Animation Production: Shirogumi Inc.


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  1. All translated episode titles and plots are taken from Crunchyroll.