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Logo imas ofa.jpg
Video Game Data
Platform: PlayStation 3
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games Inc.
Developer: Bandai Namco Studios Inc.
Selling Agency: Bandai Namco Games Inc.
Release Date: May 15, 2014
CERO Rating: C

THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL (アイドルマスター ワンフォーオール Aidorumasutaa Wan Foo Ooru) is a title released for the PlayStation 3 in 2014, developed by Bandai Namco Studios Inc. It is the seventh home console entry in THE iDOLM@STER series overall and the second producing game under THE iDOLM@STER 2nd Vision label. First revealed in a copy of Famitsu magazine, it is promoted as being the first game to produce all 13, 765 PRO idols. It focuses more on the idols' day to day life and how they overcome both their personal difficulties and grow as idols.

ONE FOR ALL is included in iM@S CHANNEL via an update released in 2014. From there, the player can activate the game when the downloadable copy is purchased. The new theme song is called ONLY MY NOTE.

The regular edition of the game costs 8,208 yen, with the limited edition priced at 11,880 yen and the downloadable version at 7,600 yen.


Getting Started in Produce Mode

When the player starts a new save file in Produce mode, the player is asked to select an idol to produce. Later on in the game, the player can pick up to three idols to manage at the same time. Each idol has an Idol Rank, which normally ranges from E3 to A1, from lowest to highest, but can rise as far as S3 through S1 by completing an idol's EX episodes, then winning a rank-up festival of the respective rank.

The player can have up to three save files in the game.


Each idol has several stats that affect their performance in stage jobs.

  • Dance stat - this increases the points from dance appeals.
  • Visual stat - this increases the points from visual appeals.
  • Vocal stat - this increases the points from vocal appeals.

These stats increase when an idol levels up. They can also be increased through unlocking Idol Skills or changing costumes and accessories.

There are also other stats that affect an idol's production.

  • EXP - gaining EXP points will level up the idol.
  • Number of fans - Rank Up Festivals require a certain number of fans before they can be challenged.
  • Skill Points - these are obtained through levelling up or winning Rank Up Festivals. They can be spent on the Skill Board to unlock the idol's skills.
  • Memory Points - having more Memory Points gives the idol more Memories, which can be used for Memory Appeals.
Number of Memory Points needed
Memories Memory Points
1 0
2 110
3 280
4 450
5 800

There is also a hidden stat called Activity that increases when an idol does a job or sends an email. Most commus will only appear if the idol has enough Activity.


Every week, the player chooses a job to perform and idols to participate. After completing a job, the player will earn some Money, and all participating idols will gain fans and EXP. The types of job are Promotions, Auditions, Lives, and Festivals.


A promotion gives a short scene between the producer and idol without any dialogue choices. Only a single idol can participate in a promotion. The rewards from promotions are generally lower than that of other jobs, but they give 5 Memory Points to the participating idol.

Stage jobs

Apart from promotions, every other type of job is a stage job, where the participating idols perform on stage. During a stage job, the player presses buttons to the rhythm of the selected song to make the idols appeal. Succeeding in a stage job has different requirements depending on the type of stage job:

  • To pass an audition, the player must reach the unit threshold.
  • To have a successful live, the player must reach the target live hype.
  • To win a festival, the player must score more points than their rival.
"Square Button" Dance appeal
"Triangle Button" Visual appeal
"Circle Button" Vocal appeal
"X Button" Memory Appeal
"L1 Button" Change idol for Burst Appeal
"R1 Button" Activate Burst Appeal
Appeals and Interest Rate

Pressing "Square Button", "Triangle Button" or "Circle Button" will make the idols do a Dance, Visual or Vocal appeal respectively. The player can also press "X Button" to use a Memory Appeal if they have Memories remaining.

Each appeal adds points to their score based on the stat, the Interest Rate, and the Skill Boost of the selected image, as well as the tempo of the song and the accuracy of the appeal's timing. Interest Rates for all three image types start at 100%. Upon each appeal, the Interest Rate of each image will change based on the appeal's image type:

  • A Dance appeal will lower the Dance Interest Rate by 5% of its value and raise the Visual Interest Rate.
  • A Visual appeal will lower the Visual Interest Rate by 5% of its value and raise the Vocal Interest Rate.
  • A Vocal appeal will lower the Vocal Interest Rate by 5% of its value and raise the Dance Interest Rate.
  • A Memory Appeal will raise all Interest Rates.

The amount an Interest Rate increases depends on the current value of the Interest Rate, as well as the idols' unlocked skills.

Burst Appeals

While the player uses one of the three images, their voltage rises. When the voltage meter is full, the player can activate a Burst Appeal, where all Interest Rates are doubled. During a Burst Appeal, the player must press the button corresponding to the specific image type shown with perfect timing for 10 beats. If all 10 appeals are successfully made, the Burst Appeal ends with a Burst Complete, which can have additional effects. Each idol has an unlockable Burst Skill, which adds extra effects to Burst Appeals, such as raising all images' interest rates (Yayoi Takatsuki's burst skill) and raising the Vocal interest rate after a successful burst appeal (Haruka Amami's burst skill). Like interest rates, voltage can also be affected by burst skills.

Burst Charges

To use a Burst Charge, the player must have an idol with the Burst Charge skill present in a stage job. After maxing out the voltage meter, the player must wait until the text "VOLTAGE MAX!" disappears from the screen. The player can then use a Memory Appeal to charge the voltage meter, allowing for up to three burst skills and appeals to be activated at the same time.

Burst Charge/Appeal types
Burst Appeal
Memory Appeals
Burst Charge
skill required
Voltage meter
Solo 0 Any Green
Duo 1 Duo or trio Blue
Trio 2 Trio Red

In a Rank Up Festival, if the player has charged the voltage meter to either duo or trio, and does not use a Burst Appeal before they advance to the next round, the voltage meter will reset to solo. Thus, it is advised not to charge the meter when nearing the end of the round of the festival.

Rank Up Festival and Idol Rank Up

Rank Up Festivals are a special type of festival where the leader idol can challenge a rival. Each Rank Up Festival requires a certain amount of fans to participate.

If the player wins twice in the festival, the leader's Idol Rank will rise and new activities will be made available. The player will play against certain idols during these festivals, such as Ai Hidaka, Touma Amagase, and others, depending on the festival they had selected.

Seasons and Season Goals

In THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL, there are four seasons in order: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season has 12 in-game weeks, and once 12 weeks have passed in a season, it will advance to the next one.

In addition, seasons also have a season goal, which must be passed in order to increase the player's Producer Rank. After passing a season goal, the player will be able to select a new song and/or idol.

All-Star Lives

An All-Star Live happens at the end of Summer and Winter. All-Star Lives play very similarly to the Live jobs, except the player must play through three songs using all thirteen idols. The player can select up to five idols for the first two songs, and three for the third one.


Haruka Amami
(CV: Eriko Nakamura)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 16
Visual 18
Vocal 22
Character Biography
Having the objective of becoming a top idol, Haruka is still unclear on specifically what kind of idol she wants to become. While taking on various jobs, accepting Producer's advice, facing herself, and remembering her starting point, she is searching for what idol image she wants to have.
Invincible Smile♪
(無敵のスマイル♪ Muteki no Sumairu)
Chihaya Kisaragi
(CV: Asami Imai)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 21
Visual 20
Vocal 30
Character Biography
Earnestly facing herself with singing, Chihaya. Producer, remembering the riskiness of that obstinate state, proposes that she polishes her skills outside of singing. Bewildered about this unexpected produce objective, Chihaya...?
Heavenly Singing Voice
(天上の歌声 Tenjou no Utagoe)
Yukiho Hagiwara
(CV: Azumi Asakura)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 14
Visual 21
Vocal 17
Character Biography
Yukiho has no self confidence and chose to be an idol to change herself. She wants to run and escape out of fear, but a connection with a certain disliked dog becomes a chance for great growth.
Sparkling Angel
(天使のキラメキ Tenshi no Kirameki)
Yayoi Takatsuki
(CV: Mayako Nigo)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 19
Visual 14
Vocal 16
Character Biography
Yayoi has busy days ahead of her: helping with chores, looking after her younger brothers, and going to idol activities. However, she has started to neglect her schoolwork. To congratulate her idol rank-up, you ask her if she has anything to say and she replies "I want you to become my tutor!".
Full of Energy!
(あふれる元気! Afureru Genki!)
Ritsuko Akizuki
(CV: Naomi Wakabayashi)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 23
Visual 19
Vocal 26
Character Biography
Desiring to go into management, Ritsuko entered 765PRO, but since things are short handed, she's working as both a clerk and an idol. Growing as a splendid idol herself, Ritsuko also completely admires Producer's ability...?
Perfect Strategy!
(完璧な作戦! Kanpeki na Sakusen!)
Azusa Miura
(CV: Chiaki Takahashi)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 16
Visual 22
Vocal 19
Character Biography
While doing activities to aim for top idol, Azusa becomes concerned about her age when compared to the other 765PRO idols. While cooperating with Producer and going to idol activities, she'll realize her own charms when her fans increase.
Look of Love
(慈愛のまなざし Jiai no Manazashi)
Iori Minase
(CV: Rie Kugimiya)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 23
Visual 25
Vocal 19
Character Biography
Blessed with a good appearance and assets, the pure high class Iori. That girl was placed in a office with such puny accomplishments, 765PRO, and that was the only reason. However one day, other productions silhouettes around Iori are...?
Princess' Whims
(お嬢様の気まぐれ Ojousama no Kimagure)
Makoto Kikuchi
(CV: Hiromi Hirata)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 23
Visual 20
Vocal 19
Character Biography
Despite being a female idol, Makoto's popularity with females only increases, causing her to hesitate on how to be an idol. But when she gets a fan letter from someone who deeply understands her, will her situation head in a direction she never considered...?!
Splendid Steps
(華麗なるステップ Kareinaru Suteppu)
Ami Futami
(CV: Asami Shimoda)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 20
Visual 16
Vocal 14
Character Biography
Ami and Mami, debuting as twin idols! ...When that was announced, it was their peak. Then Ami fell into a slump. Since that time's big news, Ami begins to start aiming for top idol seriously to be sought after by the world. It seems at some point Ami gets her priorities backwards, and her ambition's direction is...?
(亜美☆ミラクル Ami Mirakuru)
Miki Hoshii
(CV: Akiko Hasegawa)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 17
Visual 26
Vocal 20
Character Biography
Since idol activities weren't as comfortable as she had thought, Miki decides to quit before you begin producing her. To drag out her motivation and to get her overflowing talent to bloom, Producer's hard struggles begin. For Miki's sake, Producer has prepared many "rewards", although now there's one thing that isn't pleasing her...?
Beautiful Possibilities
(美しき可能性 Utsukushiki Kanousei)
Hibiki Ganaha
(CV: Manami Numakura)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 24
Visual 18
Vocal 20
Character Biography
Aiming for top idol, Hibiki left her home Okinawa to go to Tokyo. That girl has a lot of family (animals) living with her, so for their sake she also has a realistic problem. One day, it's discovered that Hibiki is working part time jobs to keep up her life style...?
The Sun and Dance
(太陽とダンス Taiyou to DANSU)
Takane Shijou
(CV: Yumi Hara)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 17
Visual 21
Vocal 22
Character Biography
Noble and elegant, always hiding herself, and having tragic atmosphere somewhere, Takane. Producer dares Takane to abandon her foolish ordinariness. Before long, Takane's state will visibly change little by little...?
Banquet of the Moonlit Night
(月夜の宴 Tsukiyo no Utage)
Mami Futami
(CV: Asami Shimoda)
Agency Profile Image Image Stats
Dance 20
Visual 16
Vocal 14
Character Biography
Since twin siblings Ami and Mami's character are similar as idols, there are few jobs for them...! Mami, worried that if something isn't right, requests Producer to help her differences from her sister stand out. At some point it's named the "Achimaka Plan", that plan's direction is...?
(真美☆スペシャル Mami Supesharu)

DLC Story

Haruka Amami
(CV: Eriko Nakamura)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Haruka personal extend.jpg
Haruka EX3.jpg
Suteki Happiness.png
Chihaya Kisaragi
(CV: Asami Imai)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Chihaya personal extend.jpg
Chihaya EX3.jpg
Yukiho Hagiwara
(CV: Azumi Asakura)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Yukiho personal extend.jpg
Yukiho EX3.jpg
Ano Hi no Namida.png
Yayoi Takatsuki
(CV: Mayako Nigo)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Yayoi personal extend.jpg
Yayoi EX3.jpg
Pure Sonic Love.png
Ritsuko Akizuki
(CV: Naomi Wakabayashi)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Ritsuko personal extend.jpg
Ritsuko EX3.jpg
Watashi Datte Onnanoko.png
Azusa Miura
(CV: Chiaki Takahashi)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Azusa personal extend.jpg
Azusa EX3.jpg
Koi Kokoro.png
Iori Minase
(CV: Rie Kugimiya)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Iori personal extend.jpg
Iori EX3.jpg
Zenryoku Idol.png
Makoto Kikuchi
(CV: Hiromi Hirata)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Makoto personal extend.jpg
Makoto EX3.jpg
Zekken Arui wa Nigerarenu Koi.png
Ami Futami
(CV: Asami Shimoda)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Ami personal extend.jpg
Ami EX3.jpg
Triple Angel.png
Miki Hoshii
(CV: Akiko Hasegawa)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Miki personal extend.jpg
Miki EX3.jpg
Hibiki Ganaha
(CV: Manami Numakura)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Hibiki personal extend.jpg
Hibiki EX3.jpg
Pon De Beach.png
Takane Shijou
(CV: Yumi Hara)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Takane personal extend.jpg
Takane EX3.jpg
Futatsu no Tsuki.png
Mami Futami
(CV: Asami Shimoda)
Personal Extend Profile Image Personal Song
Mami personal extend.jpg
Mami EX3.jpg
Houkago Jump.png

Guest Idols

Much like the special idol appearances in THE iDOLM@STER 2, characters from Dearly Stars and SideM perform as rivals during Festivals. The newly introduced character, Leon, also debuted within this game. In addition, several guest idols are available as downloadable content from the Cinderella Girls and Million Live! mobile games. With the exception of Leon and the DLC idols, no idols can perform their songs in Stage For You!.

Below is a list of idols and units that can be challenged as rivals during Festivals, Rank Up Festivals, and as DLC content:

Rank Up Festival Rivals

Ai Hidaka
(CV: Haruka Tomatsu)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Img 1008287 21911547 2.jpg
Eri Mizutani
(CV: Kana Hanazawa)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Img 1008287 21911547 3.jpg
Ryo Akizuki
(CV: Yuko Sanpei)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Dazzling world image.JPG
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)
Shouta Mitarai
(CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Shouta (iM@S 2 Icon).png
Hokuto Ijuuin
(CV: Daichi Kanbara)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Hokuto (iM@S 2 Icon).png
Touma Amagase
(CV: Takuma Terashima)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Touma (iM@S 2 Icon).png
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)
Dreamy Girl
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)
Devil Angel
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)

Idol Extreme Rivals

Devil Angel
(Unvoiced and Unmodeled)
(CV: Minori Chihara)
Agency Profile Image Image Song

Guest Idols

Ranko Kanzaki
(CV: Maaya Uchida)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
346 logo.png
Hana Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~.png
Serika Hakozaki
(CV: Momo Asakura)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte.png
Dearly Stars
(Ai Hidaka, Eri Mizutani, Ryo Akizuki)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Anzu Futaba
(CV: Hiromi Igarashi)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
346 logo.png
Kana Yabuki
(CV: Ibuki Kido)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Kana Logo.jpg
Original Koe ni Natte Logo.jpg
Nao Yokoyama
(CV: Yui Watanabe)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
NaoML Logo.jpg
Happy Lucky Jet Machine Logo.jpg
Mirai Kasuga
(CV: Haruka Yamazaki)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Mirai Logo.jpg
Suteki na Kiseki Logo.jpg
Shizuka Mogami
(CV: Azusa Tadokoro)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Shizuka Logo.jpg
Precious Grain Logo.jpg
(CV: Minori Chihara)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Ultimate Eyes Logo.jpg
Tsubasa Ibuki
(CV: Machico)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
Koi no Lesson Shokyuuhen Logo.jpg
Uzuki Shimamura
(CV: Ayaka Ohashi)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
346 logo.png
Uzuki Logo.jpg
S(mile)ING! Logo.jpg
Rin Shibuya
(CV: Ayaka Fukuhara)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
346 logo.png
Rin Icon.png
NeverSayNever Logo.png
Mio Honda
(CV: Sayuri Hara)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
346 logo.png
Mio OFA1.jpg
Mitsuboshi Logo.jpg
Kaede Takagaki
(CV: Saori Hayami)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
346 logo.png
Kaede OFA1.jpg
Koi Kaze Logo.jpg
New Generation
(Uzuki Shimamura, Rin Shibuya, Mio Honda)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
346 logo.png
New Generation OFA.jpg
Star!! Logo.jpg
New Generation
(Uzuki Shimamura, Rin Shibuya, Mio Honda)
Agency Profile Image Image Song
346 logo.png
New Generation (1) OFA.png
Onegai! Cinderella Logo.png


Songs are much like their appearance in THE iDOLM@STER 2, in the fact that they can be performed as solos, duets, trios and quintets. However, certain songs have the ability to be used during ALLSTAR LIVES as "encore songs". These versions allow all 13 765PRO idols to perform at the same time onstage, much like the MUSIC♪ Normal MC from SHINY FESTA and the We Have A Dream Special MC from Shiny TV. In addition, some songs can only be performed by rivals during festivals, such as ALIVE, which can only be seen by facing Ai Hidaka during an appeal burst. However, some idols' songs can be viewed in Stage 4 You! despite being rivals, such as Serika Hakozaki's Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte.

Returning Songs
Brand New Day!.jpgFutarinokioku.jpgSuta to suta -logo.jpgTonari ni -logo.jpgREADY!!.pngIppaiippai-logo.jpgCHANGE!!!! Jacket.pngThe world is all one icon.png
Jibun.jpgMegare.jpgOvermaster.jpgMachiukePrince.jpgKamiSUMMERLogo.pngNanairo botan.jpgPositive-logo.jpgVaultThatBorderline-LOGO.jpg
Watashi-tachi wa Zutto... Deshou.jpgWatashiwaidol-logo.jpgI Want Jacket.pngMahouokakete-logo.jpgKimiwamelody-logo2.jpgMatane.jpgKamisamanobirthday-logo.jpgRelations Jacket.png
Kokoro.jpgVisionPlaceholder.pngLittle match girl.jpgWe Have A Dream! OFA Logo.jpgEdeN.pngMUSICisSHINY.pngShinysmile-logo.jpgIm-lovin-hamburger.png
Smoky thrill.jpgHoney-heartbeat-art.pngTHE iDOLM@STER 2nd mix.png Omoideoarigatou-logo.jpgAgentyoruoyuku-logo.jpg902pm-logo.jpgMy song -logo.jpg
Returning Rival Only Songs New Rival Only Songs
Img 1008287 21911547 2.jpgImg 1008287 21911547 3.jpg AccelerationPlaceholder.jpgHana Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~.pngTokimeki no Onpu ni Natte.pngAnzunoUta-LOGO.jpgOriginal Koe ni Natte Logo.jpgHappy Lucky Jet Machine Logo.jpg
Dazzling world image.JPGAliceorGuiltyLogo.png Suteki na Kiseki Logo.jpgPrecious Grain Logo.jpgUltimate Eyes Logo.jpgKoi no Lesson Shokyuuhen Logo.jpgS(mile)ING! Logo.jpgNeverSayNever Logo.png
HELLO!!LOGO.jpg Mitsuboshi☆☆★Koi Kaze Logo.jpgStar!! Logo.jpgOnegai! Cinderella Logo.png
New Songs
Only my note.pngMasterpiece2.pngDestiny001.jpgKimi channel.pngRamuneIroSeishunLOGO.pngSuteki Happiness.pngSaihyou.png
Ano Hi no Namida.pngPure Sonic Love.pngWatashi Datte Onnanoko.pngKoi Kokoro.pngZenryoku Idol.pngZekken Arui wa Nigerarenu Koi.pngTriple Angel.pngNostalgia.png
Pon De Beach.pngFutatsu no Tsuki.pngHoukago Jump.png99 Nights Logo.jpgThank-You! Logo.pngFateoftheWorld icon.pngNijiiro Miracle Logo.pngShizuka na Yoru ni Negai o... Logo.jpg
Good-Byes Logo.jpg

Clothes and Accessories

Players can now allow idols to wear different costumes on the same stage, during the same song. In pre-release shots, there were a few minor costume changes. For example, Ami's STARRY outfit no longer had a skirt and was just the pants, and Azusa's LUXURY outfit had a new belt and bracelet. For a full list of clothes and accessories, please see the links below. Costume in italics denote a DLC item.

Returning Costumes
    • Morning Glory JP
    • Sweet Tangerine
    • Vital Sunflower
    • The☆Wild Strawberry
    • Dahlia Noir
    • Tartan Check Rose
    • Morpho Hydrangea
    • Shining Orchid
    • Sakura Storm
    • Evening Campanula
    • Azalea Bride
    • Elegant IVY
    • Hot Summer Citrus
    • Valentine Plum
    • Tulip Field
    • Pink Diamond 765
    • Maiden in Black
    • Gilded Mademoiselle
    • Powder Snow Whitey
    • Fire Opal 76ct
    • Scarlet Sprite
    • Evergreen Leaves
    • Stylish Denim
    • Good Luck Turquoise
    • Wild Animal Tamer
    • Randomly Colored Beauty
    • Ocean Blue Lace
    • Highness Rouge
    • Forrester Stripe
    • Million Dreams
    • Corduroy Country
    • Redshift Border
    • Binary Star R&B
    • Orion Nebula
    • Beautiful Earth
    • Pure White Nova
    • Black Swan X-1
    • Moonlight Champagne
    • Deep Space Dream
    • Cassiopeia Heart
    • Charming Venus
    • Pitchblack Globe
    • Funky Satellite
    • Digital Space Craft
    • Radiant Starbow
    • Eternal Terra & Luna
    • Violet Lightning
    • Puzzle del Sol
    • Training Wear
    • Good Sleep Pajama
    • Snowflake Lilypad
    • The Best Schoolmate
    • Idol@School
    • Yoga Wear
    • Rough Time School
    • Schooldays Blazer
    • Cardigan Schooler
    • Bright Egret
    • Beauty's Swimsuit
    • Change 2 MY Color
    • Vivid Bikini
    • Colorful Ballerina
    • Beyond the Stars
New Costumes
  • New Summer Casual
  • New Winter Casual
    • Sunny Jade Vine (サニージェイドヴァイン)
    • Noble Chic Rhombus (ノーブルショクロンバス)
    • Ion Tail Image (イオンテイルイマージュ)
    • Check MY Note (チェックMYノート)
    • Star Piece Memories (スターピースメモリーズ)
    • Flowerish Flowery (フラウリッシュフラワリー)
    • La Reine Rouge (ラレーヌルージュ)
    • Bikini of Siren (ビキニオブセイレーン)
    • Teatime Happiness (ティータイムハピネス)
    • Summer Breeze Colors (サマーブリーズカラーズ)
Returning Accessories
  • HEAD
    • Mecha Ears
    • Witch's Hat
    • White Pearl Earrings
    • Yasuko Headset
    • Pacman
    • Double Sunflower
    • Rabbit Ears
    • Cat Ears
    • H.M.D
    • Happy Earmuffs
    • Angel Ring
    • Demon Horns
    • Crescent Moon Headband
    • Katsu Pierce
    • Hall Cake Hat
    • Gothic Headdress
    • Snow Headband
    • Night Hat
    • Princess Tiara
    • Half Bonnet
    • Frill Headband
    • Headphones around Neck
    • March Rabbit Ears
    • Symphonic Earrings
    • Kyun Kyun Glasses
    • Flower Ribbon
    • Straw Ten-Gallon Hat
    • Study Glasses
    • Sailor Cap
    • Pacifier
  • BODY
    • Silver Pendant
    • Single Shouldered Backpack
    • Lollipop Brooch
    • Fuwa Fuwa Balloon
    • Flower Ribbon Broach
    • Pearl Necklace
    • Angel Wings
    • Demon Wings and Tail
    • Giant Winder
    • Sports Bag
    • Schoolbag
    • Cat Tail
    • White Pearl Necklace
    • Bib
    • Harmonic Brooch
    • Witch's Broom
    • Mecha Shoulder
    • Rabbit Tail
    • Gothic Rose Corsage
    • Feather Corsage
    • Sunflower Brooch
    • Marionette Strings
    • Crescent Moon Choker
    • Kuma-chan Pochette
    • Wonderland Key
    • Don Necklace
    • 765PRO Sports Towel
  • HAND
    • Flower Ribbon Bracelet
    • Pretty Mitten
    • Cookie Ring
    • Mecha Glove
    • White Pearl Bangle
    • Strawberry Crepe
    • iM@S Armband
    • Rabbit Carrot
    • Sunflower Bracelet
    • Cat's Paws
    • Hand Flag
    • Balloon Yo-Yo
    • Angel's Bracelet
    • Demon's Hands
    • Crescent Moon Bracelet
    • Katsu Watch
    • Handy Megaphone
    • Gothic Frill Bracelet
    • Petite Fashion Bag
    • Drill Arm
    • Strawberry Crepe
    • Rattle Toy
    • Melodic Ring
    • Dark ☆ Nails
    • My Color Baton
    • Witch's Stuffed Black Cat
    • Drill Arm
    • Ami and Mami Puppets
  • LEG
    • Flower Ribbon Anklet
    • Warm Boots Covers
    • Knee Band-Aid L
    • Water Pistol
    • Mobius Ankle
    • Angel Anklet
    • Devil Foot
    • Loose Fit Sneakers
    • Kneepad
    • Cat Feet
    • Rabbit Anklet
    • White Pearl Garter
    • Witch's Shoes
    • Mecha Shoes
    • Sunflower Anklet
    • Wool Slippers
    • Colorful Caterpillar
    • Big Ribbon Anklet
    • Girly Tattoo Seal
    • Snow Garter Rings
    • Crescent Moon Thighlet
    • Mr. Bear Plushie
    • Gothic Frill Anklet
New Accessories
  • HEAD
    • Strawberry Hair Ornament (いちごの髪飾り)
    • Hero Choker (ヒーローチョーカー)
    • Party Cap (パーティーキャップ)
    • Sun Visor (サンバイザー)
    • Flower Crown of Happiness (しあわせの花かんむり)
    • Origami Chain (折り紙チェーン)
    • Neon Earrings (ネオンイヤリング)
    • 3 Kinds of Birds (3匹の小鳥)
    • 765 Intercom NEO (765インカムNEO)
    • Cherry Brooch (チェリーブローチ)
    • Pack Cap (パックキャップ)
    • Eye Sensor (アイセンサー)
    • Unnamed Multicolored Earrings accessory
    • Unnamed Monkey accessory
    • Ancient Rose (エンシェントローズ)
    • Marble-to-Heart (マーブルトゥハート)
  • BODY
    • LOVE Necklace (LOVEネックレス)
    • Flower Necklace (フラワーネックレス)
    • Strawberry Necklace (いちごのネックレス)
    • Flower Wheel of Happiness (しあわせの花輪)
    • Electrical Outlet (バッテリーコンセント)
    • Unnamed Forest accessory
    • Unnamed Cherry accessory
    • Unnamed Monkey accessory
    • Unnamed Muffler with Bow accessory
    • Nostalgic Star (ノスタルジックスター)
    • Lovely Sweet Patch (ラブリースイートパッチ)
  • HAND
    • Donut Ring (ドーナツリング)
    • Forest Bangle (森バングル)
    • Bracelet of Happiness (しあわせのブレス)
    • Neon@Arm (ネオン@アーム)
    • Hero Gauntlet (ヒーローガントレット)
    • Strawberry Bracelet (いちごのブレスレット)
    • Happy Balloon (ハッピーバルーン)
    • Ramen Bowl (ラーメンどんぶり)
    • Colorful Bracelet (カラフルブレス)
    • Woodpecker Bird (きつつき小鳥)
    • Ghost Puppet (ゴーストパペット)
    • Gun Arm (ガンアーム)
    • Unnamed Heart accessory
    • Unnamed Monkey accessory
    • Original Ami Mami Puppet (オリジナル亜美真美パペット)
    • Candy Pop Band (キャンディポップバンド)
    • Dark Rose Wristlet (ダークローズリストレット)
  • LEG
    • Colorful Ankle (カラフルアングル)
    • Strawberry Ring (いちごリング)
    • Ethnic Boots (エスニックブーツ)
    • Neon@Leg (ネオン@レッグ)
    • Pack Boots (パックブーツ)
    • Hero Boots (ヒーローブーツ)
    • Foot Decor of Happiness (しあわせの足飾り)
    • Robot Leg (ロボットレッグ)
    • Unnamed Monkey accessory
    • Antique Garter (アンティークガーター)
    • Candy Mellow Ring (キャンディメロウリング)


THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL was developed by Bandai Namco Games and directed by Akihiro Ishihara and Munehiro Koyanagi. Bandai Namco Games producer Yōzō Sakagami explains that planning for the game began with the decision to use "all for one and one for all" as the game's theme.[1] In doing so, he wanted to put more of a focus on the 765 Production (765 Pro) headquarters, especially after hearing comments from fans who found it relaxing to watch the idols talk among themselves at the 765 Pro office. This led to the office environment to be redesigned to give it a more natural feeling. The game's opening menu screen also features the 765 Pro office to further immerse the player in the game's atmosphere. The development team attempted to focus on "returning to the starting point" in THE iDOLM@STER series with ONE FOR ALL. Sakagami explains that the true charm of THE iDOLM@STER is to grow alongside novice idols centered on a small talent agency, and he goes on to say that the direction One For All took was in depicting the "warmth" that goes along with "765 Pro as the starting point".

The gameplay in ONE FOR ALL was changed from previous THE iDOLM@STER installments to remove the restriction of only allowing the player to produce a given idol or idol unit for a period of one year, which is something Sakagami admits he had wanted to do something about for quite some time. Compared to the gameplay in THE iDOLM@STER 2 which is noted as not allowing the player much room to view the promotional work or communication aspects of the game, Sakagami wanted to design a game where players could take their time and take various detours throughout the game. Sakagami goes on to say that he wanted to remove the one year time limitation because of his strong desire to allow players the chance to produce the idols until they would be satisfied. Another focus for Sakagami was the desire for players to experience all of the idols instead of just their favorites, so the gameplay was adjusted to only allow the player to choose one of the 13 available idols to produce at the beginning of the game. Via more idols becoming available to produce as gameplay continues, Sakagami had the idea to let the player experience the fun of producing an idol group as it gradually grows and develops.

In wanting to adopt a factor directly tied to an idol's growth, ONE FOR ALL was designed to show the amount of experience points earned from the idols doing jobs such as promotional work, auditions and live performances. ONE FOR ALL also introduces a skill board system, which gives skill points to idols whenever they level up. The idea for this system is derived from the use of amulets in THE iDOLM@STER 2 which adjust gameplay elements, and skill points work in a similar fashion. Sakagami also wanted to better convey the personal growth of the producer, leading to the creation of the season objective system, which grants the player additional functionality such as new songs or the ability to produce more idols simultaneously. Despite the new additions to the gameplay system, Sakagami believes the gameplay itself is simple enough that new fans to THE iDOLM@STER series will still be able to enjoy it.


There are three versions of the game which are a downloadable copy, a regular edition, and a limited edition box titled "765PRO New Produce BOX". All first time orders come with serial numbers for THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (which gives players a Miki Hoshii card) and Million Live! (which gives players a Chihaya Kisaragi card).

765PRO New Produce BOX contents:

  • Main visual (office version) special made BOX
  • Special Drama CD "765PRO is Going! A Top Idol Job Inspection
  • Limited original design costume product code
  • 765PRO idols business use pamphlet
  • 765PRO calender (everyone's scribbles)
  • President's cloth cleaner (cloth with a quote from the President)
  • Signed vertical posters of the 13 idols
  • Three special PS3 controllers made by Hori Japan to match the image colors of Haruka, Chihaya, and Miki celebrating the launch of ONE FOR ALL

Downloadable Content

Downloadable content for this game was roughly released in 1 month intervals. The items can be found here: THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL DLC.


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