THE iDOLM@STER SideM Wakeatte Mini! (anime)

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THE iDOLM@STER SideM Wakeatte Mini!
THE IDOLMASTER SideM Wake Atte Mini! Anime Cover.jpg
Anime details
Title: アイドルマスター SideM 理由あってMini!
Romanized Title: THE IDOLM@STER SideM Wakeatte Mini!
Translated Title: THE IDOLM@STER SideM Mini For A Reason!
Air Date: October 9, 2018 - December 25, 2018
March 22, 2019 (OVA)
Studio: Zero-G

THE IDOLM@STER SideM Wakeatte Mini! is an anime series produced by Zero-G, and directed by Mankyuu. The short-form series is based on a manga by the same name by Sumeragi, and features the idols of 315 Production in a chibi form in daily anecdotes. The series aired from October 9, 2018 on Tokyo MX and BS11.

The series is available for online streaming on Crunchyroll.

An extra collection of episodes for this series was released on March 22, 2019, as a bonus coming with the tankobon of THE IDOLM@STER SideM Wakeatte Mini Returns!.

Series Staff

  • Director: Mankyuu
  • Series Composition: Mankyuu
  • Music: EFFY
  • Music Director: Takatoshi Hamano
  • Original Creator: Sumeragi
  • Original Character Design: Sumeragi
  • Character Design: Sao Tamado
  • Art Director: Yuuya Kusumoto
  • Chief Animation Director: Kazuhiko Yokota
  • Director of Photography: Kosuke Tanaka
  • Art Setting: Hiroyuki Ochi
  • Color Design: Haruko Nobori
  • Editing: Shun Tokuda










Shinsoku Ikkon

Café Parade



THE Kogadou




Episode List

No. Title Air Date
01 Episode 1 October 9, 2018
The members of Legenders (Amehiko Kuzunoha, Sora Kitamura, and Chris Koron) are welcomed into 315 by President Takashi Saito. Eventually, they run into Shouta Mitarai and Hokuto Ijuuin, who warn them not to go to the dance room and invite them out for tea. Hokuto and Chris are able to find common ground and bond with each other over their love for the beach; meanwhile, Touma Amagase discovers the group and informs them that something is now ready to go. It turns out to be a surprise welcoming party, put together by the rest of 315's idols and officially welcoming the Legenders members into the fold.
02 It's Time for Oogiri Tournament, Meow! (大喜利大会でにゃんす♪ Oogiri Daikai denyansu♪) October 16, 2018
Kirio Nekoyanagi hosts a variety show called the Oogiri Tournament, featuring the rest of Sai and DRAMATIC STARS, and Ken Yamamura as an assistant. The premise of the show is much like the real life television show Shōten: points are awarded in the form of a pillow if a contestant says something that amuses the host, and taken away if they fail to please. In addition, like Shōten, the contestant that has no pillows isn't counted as "out" and still participates in the game, as we see with Teru Tendo, who loses all of his points in the first round. The whole point of the show was to have each character flex their adlibbing skills.

While everyone is able to get a word in, Kuro Kiyosumi is not good with ad-libbing and so says nothing. By the final round, Nekoyanagi asks the contestants a question about their reactions to eating a meal filled with mushrooms. Kiyosumi, who hates mushrooms, yells at Nekoyanagi for targeting him with his question; although the quip wasn't aimed for an audience reaction, they nonetheless enjoyed it. Kiyosumi eventually realized that giving him a chance to make a statement was Nekoyanagi's true aim all along.

03 Let's Play the Music of the Heavens! (奏でよう、天上の音楽を! Kanade yo, Tenjou no Ongaku o!) October 23, 2018
Upon seeing Kei Tsuzuki sleeping after pulling an all-nighter writing songs, Rei Kagura transports him by office chair to the training room where they and Jupiter were supposed to train together. Rei hopes he will wake up during warm-ups, but Kei continues to nod off while doing leg stretches, on the balance beam, and even as he completes a full bridge pose. Touma Amagase asks Rei if Kei is a handful when he is in this state, but Rei declines, saying that if anything, Kei helped him.

By the time Kei has woken up, he has been seated next to Rei as Jupiter practices singing "DRIVE A LIVE". Kei comments on the passion that can be heard in their singing, and promises to Rei that their duo will be able to play as passionately as them.

04 Welcome to Café Parade! (ようこそ、Café Parade! Youkoso, Café Parade!) October 30, 2018
The restaurant Café Parade is about to open its doors for a special charity event. While Soichiro Shinonome has finished the pastry preparations, Saki Mizushima and Makio Uzuki are busy making the rest of the restaurant ready for opening, and Asselin BB II is left in charge of the food. Yukihiro Kamiya, the restaurant owner, arrived late to the scene after getting lost greeting the restaurant's neighbors.

A child suddenly appears, lost and separated from his mother. Saki is first to comfort the child, and the rest of the group decide to help the kid reunite with his family. However, the child is drawn to Asselin and Satan; he finds the both of them cool, which embarrasses Asselin a little. The group spends the rest of the time feeding the child and interacting with him until his mother arrives.

Around opening time, Asselin is seen fretting about a mini top hat, a gift the child gave to him as thanks for spending time with him. He doesn't know what to use it for, so Saki shows Asselin that the gift is meant for Satan by putting the hat on its head. With all matters settled, Café Parade opens for business.

05 Doki Doki Round-erland! (ド・キ・ド・キ・輪ーだらんど! Do-ki Do-ki Waandarando!) November 6, 2018
Mofumofuen is set to feature in a fairy tale fashion show with the members of Beit. On the kids, Pierre, and Minori Watanabe's parts, they're all very excited to do the show, but Kyoji Takajo is nervous about being on-stage in the Frog Prince costume. The time for the show arrives, and Kyoji is still nervous. However, he's able to find some amount of courage by watching Mofumofuen perform their set, and when time comes for Beit to join, Kyoji is ready and willing to step up to the challenge.
06 PUMP UP! HEAT UP!! November 13, 2018
FRAME prepares for the Heat Up! Summer Live event by working up a sweat, in order to be in the best shape possible as instructed by management. While they're doing so, Michiru Enjoji pays them a visit, asking them for help with managing Manly Ramen's beach house stand. FRAME's presence draws in a huge crowd, and due to the efforts of everyone involved, including the rest of the members of THE Kogadou putting in their effort as well, both the restaurant and the concert that happened later in the day were a huge success.
07 Dramatic Donuts High!★ (ドラマチック・ドーナツ・ハイ★ Doramachikku Doonatsu Hai★) November 20, 2018
Haruna Wakazato gets excited for a limited time sale at the local donut shop, and wants to bring his fellow High×Joker members along so they can bypass the limit on how many they can buy. While some of the boys are up for it, Jun Fuyumi has his doubts, but reluctantly goes with them anyway.

By the time the gang makes it to the front of the line, all the donuts in the store have been sold out. Dejected and upset, High×Joker prepares to walk home, when they suddenly encounter an understanding DRAMATIC STARS. Teru Tendo brings them to his apartment and makes the boys some donuts of his own, which they all happily eat.

08 Plenty of Passion! Special Curry! (パッションたっぷり! スペシャルカレー Passhon Tappuri! Spesharu Karee) November 27, 2018
The boys of F-LAGS and Jupiter prepare their ingredients to make Touma's special curry. The cooking process goes about as well as expected, but the boys do some silly actions; Daigo Kabuto decides to cut a pepper in the shape of a dragon (which Shouta found impressive), while Kazuki Tsukumo waxed poetic about mushrooms.

Upon finishing the curry up, Touma reveals that the cooking process will take at least three hours. With nothing to do but wait, Ryo Akizuki decides to pass out his homemade cookies and have an impromptu snack with everybody, at which afterwards they're finally able to eat and make merry.

09 Panel Quiz, Tackle 9 Return (パネルクイズ タックル9リターン Paneru Kuizu Takkuru 9 Ritaan) December 4, 2018
S.E.M, W, and Shinsoku Ikkon all gather together to prepare for a quiz show appearance. The adults offer to ask everyone else the questions, while all of the teenagers (and Jiro Yamashita) take turns answering the trivia questions. Genbu Kurono and Jiro do an amazing job with their trivia knowledge, while Yusuke and Kyosuke Aoi do a passable job and Michio Hazama goes on a tangent reciting all of the known numbers of pi. The only one who had any trouble struggling with trivia is Suzaku Akai, who becomes ashamed of himself for getting everything he answered incorrect and believing himself the dead weight of the quiz team. The others don't give up on him however, and when time comes for their quiz show appearance, Suzaku is actually able to correctly answer a question that featured one of his favorite subjects-- sweets.
10 What is an "Idol"? (アイドルとは 何か? Aidoru to wa Nani ka?) December 11, 2018
DRAMATIC STARS prepares their introductory speech, to which Kaoru Sakuraba compares to a typical sentai team intro. Teru Tendo, being a fan of the hero genre, then speculates what their group would be like as a sentai team. Kaoru wonders if "hero" and "idol" are considered the came concept; as the trio thinks of what makes an idol, the boys of Beit arrive in time for practice and decide to help them along.

While Minori Watanabe gives a fan-tinged lecture on how idols are bringers of dreams and inspiration, Kyoji Takajo tells them he believes idols provide hope for their audience, while Pierre figures they lift their fans' spirits. Their own spirits reinvigorated, both groups begin practice.

11 Roll Call (点呼 Tenko) December 18, 2018
Saito announces that all of the 315 idols will be taking a trip to the hot springs, and sounds off on all of the groups to make sure they are all in attendance. The episode ends with everyone getting into the company truck, driving away to the hot springs.
12 Episode 12 December 25, 2018
The gang arrives at the hot springs, ready to have a full and exciting experience. Some go off to play games, some relax in the sauna, and still others end up taking in the sights. Near the end of their trip, they all perform a shuffle concert, performing a selection of unit songs. To close out the mini concert and the series, they all perform DRIVE A LIVE at Saito's behest.
EXTRA ??? (?? ???) March 22, 2019
Physical Idol focused episode. Summary TBD.
EXTRA ??? (?? ???) March 22, 2019
Mental Idol focused episode. Summary TBD.
EXTRA ??? (?? ???) March 22, 2019
Intelligent Idol focused episode. Summary TBD.

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  • This series is the first animated adaptation to feature all of the idols of SideM together and in their designated idol groups, rather than cameos as in the SideM anime proper.