Takeru Kikuchi

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Takeru Kikuchi
Voice Actor Profile
Name: 菊池 勇成
Nickname: きくてぃ (Kikuti)
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate: Jaunary 15, 1995
Age: 28
Height: 165 cm
Blood: O
Occupations: Voice Actor
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Takeru Kikuchi is the voice actor of Yusuke Aoi. He is currently affiliated with WITH LINE. His hobbies include table tennis, dancing, and building houses of cards.

Takeru describes himself as the "impressionable type who is constantly changing their goals". His father was a bartender, so Takeru wanted to become a bartender, too. When he played a ranching game, he wanted to become a rancher, and when he left college, he wanted to become an office worker because so many of his classmates were following that path as well. Being a voice actor is the only profession he had a strong desire for without anybody else's influence.

Radio Participation

315PRO Night!: Hosted episodes 77-88 and appeared on episodes 28 and 132 as a guest.


  • Takeru gained an interest in voice acting when a teacher praised his voice in elementary school. He tried many different mediums of acting, but eventually decided on voice acting because he was inspired by the challenge of only acting with his voice instead of his whole body.
  • He often buys 500ml yogurt packs at convenience stores. It was originally to prevent colds, but he quickly found out that the dairy also helps coat his throat after vocal lessons. He also drinks pineapple juice regularly.

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