Takuya Kodama

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Takuya Kodama
Voice Actor Profile
Name: 児玉 卓也
Nickname: コダマリア (Kodamaria)
Birthplace: Oita, Japan
Birthdate: June 23, 1990
Age: 33
Height: 168 cm
Blood: AB
Occupations: Voice Actor
External Links
Official Website

Takuya Kodama is the voice actor of Makio Uzuki. He is currently affiliated with OGIPRO THE NEXT. His hobbies include karaoke, the card game Hyakunin Isshu, and palm reading.

Takuya is an active HarunaP and talks about him often.

Radio Participation

315PRO Night!: Hosted episodes 139-140, 143-144, and 151 and appeared on episodes 59 as a guest.


  • Takuya had a default ('egg') profile picture on his Twitter account for more than 5 years. This, along with his very casual and frequent posts, caused multiple jokes about him being just another fan account for SideM. These jokes popularized the term "just another P" (ただのP) and now the term is often used for Tomohito Takatsuka and other IDOLM@STER voice actors who talk a lot about the series similar to how a fan would.

Other Roles