Tomohito Takatsuka

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Tomohito Takatsuka
Takatsuka Tomohito.jpg
Voice Actor Profile
Name: 高塚 智人
Nickname: たかぴ (TakaP)
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate: August 25, 1992
Age: 31
Height: 174 cm
Blood: A
Agency: Yu-rin Pro
Occupations: Voice Actor
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Official Website

Tomohito Takatsuka is the voice actor of Minori Watanabe from the unit Beit. He was affiliated with Yu-rin Pro until March 31st, 2023. His hobbies are airsoft/survival games, karaoke, collecting figures, and trying different kinds of ramen. In high school, he played drums in a band that covered western bands such as Green Day and Hoobastank. Also, during this time, Tomohito also began to garner interest in voice acting after learning that voice actor Akira Ishida] had different roles in multiple anime he liked. From there, he began to practice voice impressions and showing off while at karaoke with his friends, eventually deciding to go professional after high school.

After graduating from voice acting school, he was not scouted by companies as quickly as he thought he would be. Right before he cemented his plans to change career paths, Yu-rin Pro invited him to audition. After joining Yu-rin Pro, Tomohito auditioned for a few different roles in IDOLM@STER SideM, one of which being for the role of Kaoru Sakuraba. Interestingly, every Beit voice actor originally tried out for the role of Kaoru before being placed in Beit together. When he passed the audition and got the role of Minori, his manager threw him a surprise party to break the big news to him. He "cried all night" out of happiness.

Because of his friends, he became a big fan of IDOLM@STER and is currently the IDOLM@STER voice actor that has attended the most IDOLM@STER events, excluding 765PRO ALLSTARS and each branch's main trio's voice actors. He is a KirariP, TakaneP, and ChiyukiP.

He hosts multiple radio shows along with various SideM voice actors. Cafe Glass Slipper (hosted with Yoshitaka Yamaya), Amataka 108 (hosted with Kouhei Amasaki), and Ramen Danshi (hosted with Shun Horie and Takuma Nagatsuka with a new guest each episode, oftentimes yet another fellow SideM voice actor).

Radio Participation

315PRO Night!: Hosted episodes 230-242 and was a guest on episodes 12, 16, and 130.


  • Just like his character in SideM, Tomohito is a Jupiter fan. He often brings up Takuma Terashima and Daichi Kanbara when asked who the senpai he looks up to the most are.
  • His favorite unvoiced Cinderella Girls idols are Clarice and Makino Yagami.
  • A running joke is his "low vocabulary" when tweeting about IDOLM@STER, as his tweets are often punctuated by many exclamation points and simple phrases.
  • He went to the same voice acting school as Takuma Terashima.
  • His nickname when he was younger was Teru (テル).

Other Roles

I-Chu as Airu Utakata
Stand My Heroes as Sousei Arakida
Steam Prison as Ulrik Ferrie