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Currently, we need help completing some sections of the wiki. Feel free to contribute if you can and want to.

No Japanese required

You can help complete those even if you can't read or speak Japanese, and have basic knowledge of THE iDOLM@STER, its songs, or its characters.

  • Characters: some character pages are devoid of useful information, simply copy-paste works from Wikipedia, or just plain empty. If you know about the characters (idols or others), you may want to help complete this section.
    • Japanese sources (e.g. Pixiv and Niconico wikis) can help to provide information in this area, particularly for trivia.
  • Games: Some articles about the games don't exist. If you know about them, their history, or their gameplay, you may want to help complete this section. See the Main Page.
  • Songs: Some song articles have their information or lyrics missing or do not exist. If you know about them, you may want to help complete this section. You can also help by bringing lyrics here from the forum.
    • Many of the radio show covers do not yet have pages. See Official Song Listing for a list.
    • Many songs need updates for their appearances (live, broadcast, CD).
  • CDs and DVDs: Some album articles need more information or do not exist. If you know about them, you may want to help complete this section.
  • Adaptations: Most adaptations desperately need more information.
    • In particular, there are multiple manga series that do not yet have pages. Episode pages for the Cinderella Girls or the SideM anime would be nice.
  • Staff: Many staff don't yet have pages. This applies to game staff, adaptation staff and music staff (composers, arrangers, lyricists).
  • Voice actors: Many voice actors don't yet have pages either.
    • Many that have pages need updates to their live appearances.
  • General cleanup: Some articles may not respect the English naming convention, have badly formatted information, or need categorizing. You can help sort this out. (Please use first name then last name when using character or person names, except when using the Nihongo template, or using it as a romanization just after its Japanese equivalent).
    Additionally, you may mark a page as spam to make it easy to find and delete. See Template:Spam.
  • Templates: The wiki could use more infobox and navbox templates in particular.

Japanese required

You can help complete those if you are able to read and translate text from Japanese to English.

  • Songs: Some songs have their Japanese lyrics but lack their actual translations. Please check the Songs section on the forum if you wish to help; some songs may already be translated there.

Task suggestions

This section is for people to put suggested tasks that people can work on. Feel free to add to this section.