Yukihiro Kamiya

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Yukihiro Kamiya
SideM Character Data
Name: 神谷幸広 (Kamiya Yukihiro)
Voice actor: 狩野 翔 (Karino Shou)
Age: 21
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Shoe Size: 27 cm
Birthday: January 17th
Blood type: AB
Hobbies: Backpacking, Traveling
Skills: Getting dressed early
A beautiful serving technique using spoons and forks
Handedness: Right
Horoscope: Capricorn
Hometown: Hyogo
Ex-Job: Café owner, waiter
Card Type: Mental
Image Color:     
Yukihiro sig.png

Yukihiro Kamiya (Japanese: 神谷幸広 Kamiya Yukihiro) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER SideM. He is voiced by Shou Karino (狩野 翔 Karino Shou).


SideM Biography

-The young man who wishes to deliver a steaming cup of happiness to the world!-
"Come in, and help yourself to a cup of happiness!"

SideM Idol File

Reason for Becoming an Idol: I want to deliver happiness to the entire world, but I wonder if they're laughing. But I'm serious.

Personal Motto: One Day One Deed.

Comments for the Future: Life is full of ups and downs, and it's complicated. But there is no rule that you have to overcome by yourself. I became an idol because I wanted to be a fragment of someone's happiness.

Comments about Unit Members: I'm known Shinonome since junior high school, he's solid and reliable. Asselin is unique, but his cooking skill is surely good. Speaking of individuality, Makio is also good as well. His youthfulness, sometimes makes me feel dazzling.


-From café owner to idol!-
"Let's show off our best hospitality."


Kind and generous to a fault, Yukihiro is a young gentleman who thrives off the happiness of others. He strives for a “one good deed a day” lifestyle, the smiles of others fueling him in everything he does from his work at his own cafe, Café Parade, to his idol work with the unit of the same name. Though he’s aware some might find it silly, Yukihiro’s dream is to make the whole world smile and he’s very serious about this. He also wants people to know that though life has many ups and downs they don’t have to shoulder their struggles alone, and hopes he can act as a beacon of hope to those out there who need it. Yukihiro rarely gets angry, as shown in his “Milky Way Live” magazine when he poked Asselin on the nose when he mistook a bamboo shoot with tanzaku attached for a wicked sword. Afterward, Soichiro commented that it was unusual for Yukihiro to look so angry, and he said it was just because he wanted to protect everyone’s wishes.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Yukihiro is also rather airheaded. He is terrible at studying to the point of saying that his special skill is “falling asleep in three minutes while reading”. His favourite hobby is travelling, but he ironically has a terrible sense of direction and is constantly getting lost, to the point that during the “Welcome Café Parade!” event that took place in Hong Kong, Soichiro had a thought of attaching a GPS to him. This part of his nature also makes him a little too trusting for his own good; in his magazine for the “Space Stars Festa” event it was revealed that he possibly met aliens while he was traveling through New Mexico and he seems largely unconcerned by it, even purchasing an alien statue to remember the kindness they supposedly showed him.

Yukihiro is bad at dealing with scary things. Soichiro was constantly teasing and scaring him in the “Hair-raising Test of Courage” event, leaving him wanting to go home before they even got to the filming site. Yukihiro briefly forgot his own fears in order to search for Satan when he got lost in “Long Night ~Hotel of Nightmares”, and aimed to get Soichiro back for constantly scaring him. However, Soichiro managed to scare him twice, making him scream loud enough that he was heard from the other side of the hotel set.


Yukihiro comes from a strict, non-traditional family; his father was a university professor and he simply describes his mother as “a very enthusiastic person”. In his Childrens’ Day 2018 line from the Mobage, Yukihiro says he never got to celebrate the holiday at his house and enjoys hearing stories from people about their celebrations these days. His relationship with his parents soured as he got older as they were unsupportive of his dream of travelling the world.

Yukihiro met Soichiro Shinonome in high school and the two become best friends. The boys' homeroom teacher, Hirosawa, was surprised that Yukihiro was popular despite his poor grades, and Yukihiro and Soichiro’s friendship was considered even odder due to Yukihiro’s relative popularity and bad grades and Soichiro doing quite well in his classes. As shown in “Countdown Live 2015>2016”, Yukihiro seems to believe that his parents hated him and so, after graduating, he ran away from home in an act of rebellion and soon after left on the world trip he had been dreaming of.

While he was on his trip he went to Mexico and fell in love with the country, and it became his favourite destination. He was, unfortunately, also the victim of a robbery and was left to die in the desert after having everything he had taken from him. Yukihiro was certain he would die until a kind stranger rescued him and brought him to his diner. The wonderful atmosphere and food at the diner helped Yukihiro realise a new dream; he wanted to open his own café. He went to England to study the art of tea-making and sent a letter to Soichiro back in Japan, inviting him to join him in his new venture. Thus, the two of them opened Café Parade together with the goal of spreading that happy atmosphere Yukihiro had felt in the friendly strangers’ diner.

Shortly after, Asselin, Makio, and Saki all joined the staff of the café, and the group all became very close. In “Long Night ~Hotel of Nightmares~” Yukihiro vows that as long as he is around Café Parade (the group and their bond, not just the unit or shop) will not go anywhere. Yukihiro and the group were scouted by the Producer for their individual personalities and dazzling smiles. Yukihiro decided that this was a great opportunity to achieve his dream of making the world smile, and after discussing it with his friends they all agreed to join 315 PRODUCTIONS.

Game Discography

Song Discography

Image songs

Journey JOY Blend

Recorded Solo Songs

Recorded Solo Songs
Song Classification CD
Reversed Masquerade Kamiya Yukihiro Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER SideM 3rd ANNIVERSARY SOLO COLLECTION 01
Friendly Smile Kamiya Yukihiro Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER SideM WakeMini! SOLO COLLECTION 02 MENTAL Ver.
Present For You!!!!! ~A day in the café~ Kamiya Yukihiro Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER SideM 5th ANNIVERSARY SOLO COLLECTION 02
Little Happiness Kamiya Yukihiro Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER SideM PASSION@TE FORMATION -MENTAL-
Pavé Étoiles Kamiya Yukihiro Solo Remix THE IDOLM@STER SideM GROWING SIGN@L SOLO COLLECTION 01
Journey JOY Blend Solo Song THE IDOLM@STER SideM 49 ELEMENTS-08 Café Parade

Recorded Group Songs

Recorded Group Songs
Song CD Sung With
Café Parade! THE IDOLM@STER SideM ST@RTING LINE-10 Café Parade Soichiro Shinonome, Asselin BB II, Makio Uzuki, and Saki Mizushima
Beyond The Dream THE IDOLM@STER SideM "Beyond The Dream" 315 ALLSTARS
315 Mental Idols
Reversed Masquerade THE IDOLM@STER SideM 3rd ANNIVERSARY DISC 01 Café Parade & Altessimo & Legenders Soichiro Shinonome, Asselin BB II, Makio Uzuki, and Saki Mizushima
Eternal Fantasia Soichiro Shinonome, Asselin BB II, Makio Uzuki, Saki Mizushima, Kei Tsuzuki, Rei Kagura, Amehiko Kuzunoha, Chris Koron, and Sora Kitamura
Friendly Smile THE IDOLM@STER SideM WakeMini! MUSIC COLLECTION 02 315 STARS (Mental Ver.)
Nemuranu Yoru ni Spasibo! THE IDOLM@STER SideM WORLD TRE@SURE 09 Chris Koron and Jiro Yamashita
ALL nOR NOTHING THE IDOLM@STER SideM Drama CD "Best Game 2 ~Meiun o Kakeru Trigger~" Sora Kitamura, Hideo Akuno, Shoma Hanamura, Natsuki Sakaki, and Nao Okamura
Present For You!!!!! ~A day in the café~ THE IDOLM@STER SideM 5th ANNIVERSARY DISC 03 W & Café Parade & Mofumofuen Soichiro Shinonome, Asselin BB II, Makio Uzuki, and Saki Mizushima
Museumusica Soichiro Shinonome, Asselin BB II, Makio Uzuki, Saki Mizushima, Yusuke Aoi, Kyosuke Aoi, Shiro Tachibana, Nao Okamura, and Kanon Himeno
Delicious Delivery THE IDOLM@STER SideM NEW STAGE EPISODE:04 Café Parade Soichiro Shinonome, Asselin BB II, Makio Uzuki, and Saki Mizushima
NEXT STAGE! (Café Parade Ver.)
Growing Smiles! THE IDOLM@STER SideM GROWING SIGN@L 01 Growing Smiles! 315 ALLSTARS
Beyond The Dream
Pavé Étoiles THE IDOLM@STER SideM GROWING SIGN@L 04 Café Parade Soichiro Shinonome, Asselin BB II, Makio Uzuki, and Saki Mizushima
Teatime Cliché
Little Happiness THE IDOLM@STER SideM PASSION@TE FORMATION -MENTAL- 315 Mental Idols
Smiling Platter! THE IDOLM@STER SideM 49 ELEMENTS-08 Café Parade Soichiro Shinonome, Asselin BB II, Makio Uzuki, and Saki Mizushima

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Yukihiro’s favorite place to travel is Mexico, he often brings it up in conversations.
  • Yukihiro has the highest tolerance for Asselin BB II's odd behavior and, as revealed in Asselin’s Idols’ Day Off SR, they live together.
  • Asselin occasionally refers to Yukihiro as “Dark Duke Vepar”. In demonology, Vepar is a vicious sea demon that can putrify wounds. Outside of battle however Vepar is said to be good at helping people understand their feelings and emotions and to make them feel safe.
  • Yukihiro is an only-child.[1]
  • Soichiro and Makio have both compared Yukihiro to a puppy due to his tendency to get lost.
  • Yukihiro refers to every member of Café Parade by their first names except Soichiro; this was addressed in a 1koma from the Mobage, and it’s because the two of them have referred to each other by last names since high school and it would feel odd to change now. Yukihiro tries to use Soichiro’s first name but they both agree that it’s too awkward and continue going by last names.[2]
  • In his Tanabata 2018 line for LIVE ON ST@GE! Yukihiro says his wish was for everyone else’s wishes to come true.
  • Yukihiro can understand English by ear but finds reading it very difficult.[3]

Fan Culture

  • He is sometimes depicted in fanworks with Azusa Miura, whose sense of direction is as bad as his.
  • He is also sometimes depicted with Nao Kamiya, due to having the same family name. There is some speculation that they might be related.

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