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Puchimasu! character data
Name: ゆきぽ (Yukipo)
Voice actor: 浅倉杏美 (Asakura Azumi)
Based on: Yukiho Hagiwara
Named by: Mami Futami
Owner: Yukiho Hagiwara
Cry: Po~!
Manga Debut: Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime Debut: Season 1, Episode 1
Image color: White

Yukipo (ゆきぽ Yukipo) is a Puchidol in the Puchimasu! series and is based on 765 Production idol Yukiho Hagiwara. She is voiced by Azumi Asakura.

Statistics and Biographies

Yukipo, the first Puchidol appeared in the series, brought back by Mami and now live in the 765Pro office.

Yukipo is a timid Puchidol who enjoys drinking green tea and eating pickled radish. Also she often takes rests, either she digs a hole or in a box with three letters.

She grows a tail when it's winter.



Accessory Type Head YukipoSPDLC.jpg
Visual High
Catalog 05


Puchimasu! manga

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Puchimasu! anime

Yukipo is the quiet one who brings comfort to the downtrodden, Ritsuko in her discomfort regarding the recently discovered puchidols and the damage they've done to the office so far (1x3), and Producer after he is bagged for trash (1x6). She lives in the office with Afuu and her favorite meal is pickled radish chips and tea (1x57). She is capable of doing some cooking on her own with hot water (1x57, 2x32). She didn't begin to speak (as much as the other puchidols) until 2014 April 17 (2x16); her first significant conversation was with the relatively unintelligent and selfish Harukasan. When awake, she is quite agile and light on her feet, but this can change rapidly if she falls asleep. During one Ritsuko backrub, she was accidentally thrown from the back of the chair, and stuck the landing like a gymnast (1x57). Ritsuko eventually trained her out of her instinct of digging holes even when facing danger outside (2x72).

Yukipo is the subject of an obvious continuity error in the first episode where Mami carries her into the project office in a mushroom box with the series' usual east-pointing perspective. After the Producer's initial refusal, they are seen pouting from the Producer's perspective, and for that shot, Mami is holding Yukipo directly without the box. In the next shot, back to the usual angle, the box suddenly reappears.

Game Discography


Yukipo appears as an accessory in this game. She is available by buying the entirety of Catalog 05 DLC. She raises the Visual stat and can be worn on the Head.