Yuri Ise

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Yuri Ise
Voice Actor Profile
Name: 伊瀬結陸
Nickname: いせゆー (Iseyuu)
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Birthdate: November 3, 2002
Age: 21
Height: 170 cm
Blood: B
Agency: VIMS
Occupations: Voice Actor
External Links
Official Website

Yuri Ise is the voice actor of Shu Amamine. He is currently affiliated with VIMS. His hobbies include walking, riding the train, and playing tennis. Shu is his debut role.

His selection for the role of Shu makes him the 2nd youngest IDOLM@STER voice actor at 21 years old, a title originally held by Maki Hanatani (Kozue Yusa's voice actress) after less than 2 years until Suzuko Hara (Hijiri Mochizuki's voice actress) joined the cast at 18 years old. After that, Shouya was the youngest SideM voice actor to debut, and overall until C.First joined the cast in June 2021.


  • The first lines he ever recorded as a voice actor was Shu humming along to Growing Smiles! at the beginning of THE iDOLM@STER SideM GROWING STARS's main story.
  • Yuri is too young for his label to allow him to have a public Twitter account, so unitmate Masaya Miyazaki often tweets selfies/comments for Yuri after SideM events.